10 Best Games Like GTA 5 For PS5

Since the release of Grand Theft Auto 5 nine years ago. You are probably looking for games similar to GTA to play today. If you’re tired of wandering around Los Santos, there are plenty of alternatives to choose from. Check 10 best games like GTA 5 for PS5.

Although GTA 6 is currently in development, it is a bit far off. It’s Saints Row, Watch Dogs, Red Dead Redemption. In some other games, we’ve curated our top picks for you to check out here.

10 Best Games Like GTA 5 For PS5

10. Red Dead Redemption 2

You will know the reason for this one both in the GTA series and in Red Dead. It is made by the same company. Despite the 20th century settings, Red Dead Redemption 2 (and its predecessor in case you want to go back further).

10 Best Games Like GTA 5 For PS5
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It exemplifies GTA’s ideals of player freedom in an open, expansive environment that feels alive. A dedication to include the smallest details, as well as questionable people and women who do questionable acts.

9. Saints Row: The Third

Saints Row started out as a superficial resemblance to GTA and attempted to emulate the Rockstar style. It ended up being a boring project that gained an exciting fanbase in two installments. Yet he was unable to make a mark.

10 Best Games Like GTA 5 For PS5
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The game changed completely in Saints Row: The Third game, which analyzed the serious and sinister nature of GTA games. It was getting the best of them, then said “f this” and it was a complete riot.

8.Cause 4

Cause 4 delights in the most chaotic levels, and that by providing yourself. The player has incredible freedom. Wingsuit: check. Grapple: check. The ability to run over cars as a huge tornado lifts them into the air.

10 Best Games Like GTA 5 For PS5
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If you were amused by the ragdoll mechanics in GTA 5. You can wait to find out what you can do within the Medici Republic.

7. Watch Dogs 2

The first Watch Dogs was such an unpleasant affair that Aiden’s revenge story is unbearable by the end. Ubisoft didn’t take this criticism to heart when they made the sequel. The sequel sticks more to the sentiment and tone of current Grand Theft Auto titles.

10 Best Games Like GTA 5 For PS5
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By using its decor as a backdrop for a scathing satire. Do you remember the “Life Invader” mission in Grand Theft Auto 5? Watch Dogs 2 is present, only expanded to the size of an entire game.

6.Yakuza 0.

Grand Theft Auto has always been praised for the way it brings cities to life. By stuffing its virtual worlds with tons of activity outside of the main story. Yakuza 0 embraces this concept and goes wild with the idea.

10 Best Games Like GTA 5 For PS5
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While Grand Theft Auto 5 features yoga, tennis, and stock brokerage. Yakuza 0 offers the karaoke option as well as arcades, pool, bowling, dancing as well. You know, watching explicit material in the back of an online video store.

5. Sleeping Dogs

The game retains its original name. It turned into a sleeper hit in 2012. Sleeping Dogs brings the elements of martial arts. And B-movie stunts play by the open-world rules of the crime genre.

10 Best Games Like GTA 5 For PS5
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It’s an original Grand Theft Auto game dressed up in the style of the classic Bruce Lee movie, and it’s amazing. Unfortunately, the sequel, which would have included the co-op feature, was canceled while it was in the early stages of development.

4. Mafia 3

There’s yet to be a Grand Theft Auto game that doesn’t include a Mafia showdown, at least in part, which is why 2K’s Mafia series is a great starting point for anyone who loves crime. organized. Mafia 3, the latest release in the Hangar 13 Hangar 13 studio series.

10 Best Games Like GTA 5 For PS5
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It was closer to Rockstar and focused on side activities as well as an underlying story that revolves around a veteran who seeks to defeat the demons of his past (Niko Bellic perhaps?).

3. Lego City Undercover

There’s a reason the majority of Grand Theft Auto games have been classified as adults only, but what happens to those of us who would love to experience cops and robbers but without sexual assault, drugs, rock and roll? TT Games found the perfect alternative in 2013.

10 Best Games Like GTA 5 For PS5
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“Lego Grand Theft Auto” is a worn but effective ad to promote Lego City Undercover, but this delicious open-world adventure game hides much more in its plastic sleeves than imitation.

2. Payday

If you’re a fan of Grand Theft Auto 4’s famous “Three Leaf Clover Mission” as well as Grand Theft Auto 5’s Heists, Payday 2 is for you. Overkill Software’s multiplayer game allows players to play an array of high-risk break-ins and robberies.

10 Best Games Like GTA 5 For PS5
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But it’s more complicated than getting money and paying it. The emphasis on cooperative online team play brings back the multiplayer heists featured in Grand Theft Auto Online in 2013. But, Payday 2 thankfully comes without the lengthy load times.

1. The Simpsons Hit & Run

This game is indeed older than the other entries on this list, and a well-known animated sitcom isn’t always the first storyline that comes to mind for a GTA-style video game, but Radical Entertainment has made the unimaginable with this classic cult hit from 2003.

10 Best Games Like GTA 5 For PS5
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Homer and his gang may not be able to commit crimes in the same way as those like Niko or Trevor Of course. You can create mayhem in Springfield by punching and kicking to the max.