10 Best Games Like Weird West

Weird West, released later this year, is obviously unique the moment you lay eyes on it. An isometric action game with aspects of the immersive sim genre, set in a fantasy version of the Wild West, is immediately eye-catching and intriguing.

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But at the same time Weird West promises to be a unique title, many games share qualities with it. From recent releases to classics of the genre, there are a host of games that can help satisfy the niche somewhat. Weird West could very well fill.

the ascent

Ascent Jellyfish location in town

the ascent is an isometric twin-stick shooter released in July 2021 by developer Neon Giant. Set in the dystopian world of Veles, the ascent falls squarely into the cyberpunk genre, but even so it obviously shares several qualities with Weird West.


Obviously, both games use an isometric point of view during gameplay, as well as a heavy focus on the action, even though the ascent also focuses on finding weapons and acquiring new loot. Moreover, while Weird West takes place in a distorted version of the past as the ascent Set on a distant alien planet, both games have dark fantasy settings.


dishonored masked corvo

Dishonored is one of the best-known video games in the immersive simulation genre, a genre known for its strong focus on creative problem solving and player choice. Released in October 2012, Dishonored was praised for its intricate levels, gameplay that can take the form of action or stealth, and intriguing world-building.

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While Dishonoredthe first-person action of is a far cry from the isometric view of Weird West, both games emphasize player choice and feature multiple playable characters, accessible through Dishonoredthe DLC campaigns of.


A poster for the video game Prey

At first glance, Prey and Weird West couldn’t be more different, with few similarities between their immersive simulation roots. Prey takes place in the near future, as the inhabitants of a space station fend off vicious aliens, while Weird West is more fantasy-focused and heavily based on character interactions.

However, these seemingly disparate games both emphasize player choice. For example, Prey emphasizes player exploration, and whether they choose to weave through the station’s eerie hallways, or fight enemies with wild abandon. In the same order of ideas, Weird West will allow players to approach both combat and exploration in different ways, which will continue to impact the game as it moves forward.

Divinity: Original Sin


The Divinity role-playing game franchise has been a staple of fantasy since the first installment was released in 2002. However, the most recent releases of this franchise, Divinity Original Sin and its sequel, Divinity Original Sin 2, were released in 2014 and 2017, respectively. Besides their well-crafted stories and combat, these games stand out for the impact player choices have on an overall game.

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A simple choice at the start of the game can have a significant effect later on, both on the story and on the character’s relationships with the various members of his party. With multiple playable characters and a large supporting cast, Weird West promises to fill a similar vein, with their world-altering stories before coming together in one final chapter.

Baldur’s Gate

Three heroes of Baldur's Gate 3

Heavily based on campaign settings Dungeons and Dragons, the Baldur’s Gate franchise is enjoying renewed interest, with its third installment currently in early access.

The franchise is known for being both expansive and immersive, with a large number of quests and ways for a player to customize their character. If those who wait Weird West are looking for a game to play in the meantime, a role-playing game like this series could fill the gap.

west of death

William Mason from West of Dead

Released in 2020, west of death is a rogue-lite game with immediate similarities to Weird West. Not only do both games have an isometric style, but they also have similar settings. Both games are set in a fantasy version of the American Midwest, with strange creatures and a heavy focus on gunplay.

However, west of death is also a rogue-lite, which might not appeal to all fans of immersive sims and isometric games. Nonetheless, gamers looking for a more fantasy setting might find the similarities between these two games intriguing.

Fallout 1

A screenshot from the first installment of the Fallout franchise

While the Fallout series is best known today as a first-person open-world series, back in 1997 it was simply a role-playing game. However, from the isometric angle to the focus on character choice and party relationships, it’s easy to see how much this game has inspired its successors.

Although somewhat outdated, Fall could prove entertaining for anyone looking forward to the release of Weird West who is also interested to see how such an influential title came to be.

Pillars of Eternity

Published by Obsidian Entertainment, pillars of eternity was considered one of the best games released in 2015. An isometric role-playing game with a fantastic setting, pillars of eternity was praised for both being unique and drawing inspiration from many games that came before it.

While Weird West focuses more on the shooter and western tropes than the fantasy world of pillars of eternity, both games are obviously inspired by similar games that have influenced both titles in terms of gameplay and style.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2 player encounters karmic fate from atop a cliff

Since its release, Red Dead Redemption 2 garnered a huge amount of praise and attention from fans. Set in the 19th century American Midwest, Red Death 2 features surprisingly chilling sequences, but was praised for its intricate open world, intricate characters, and deep story.

It is undeniable that Red Dead Redemption 2 and Weird West share similarities in their settings, so both are great choices for Wild West fans. Red Dead Redemption 2 is historically accurate and realistic in its art style, which may not appeal to everyone looking forward Weird West, but it might just scratch that Wild West itch.


Hades Zagreus with Hydra

underworld is the best rogue-lite game available on Steam and is set in the underworld of ancient Greek mythology. Although this may seem to differentiate it from Weird West (especially the rogue-lite aspects, where much of the game resets on death), the two games share many similarities.

Not only both Weird West and underworld share an isometric perspective and have unique graphic styles, but they also both focus on character relationships. While underworld won a Hugo Award for his writing, Weird West promises to have a massive cast of characters and factions, all of which can have very different relationships with the player depending on their actions.

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