10 Best Red Dead Redemption 2 Guns, Ranked

From revolvers to sniper rifles to double-barreled shotguns, there’s no shortage of gun-throwing opportunities in Red Dead Redemption 2. But which guns are most worth a savvy cowboy’s time?

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When it comes to guns in Red Dead 2, it’s all about preference. Some weapons may be considered “the best”, but all that really means is that they are the best in some areas and dull in others. For example, a pistol with high stopping power may have a very slow reload time. Players should try the different options and see what works for them, but consider starting their search with these, the best weapons in the game.


ten sawed-off shotgun

A sawed-off shotgun is a double-barreled shotgun with slightly lower stats. Just as in real life ! Contrary to popular belief, sawed-off shotguns are not somehow “more powerful” than normal double-barreled shotguns, but they are less precise. Saws are used by criminals because they are concealable. In Red Dead they are used for dual purpose.

A sawed-off shotgun on its own isn’t great, but dual wielding them increases their meager ammo capacity from two to four. Also, firing salvos of fire to absolutely destroy targets at close range is fair. fun. Alternatively, a sawed off barrel can pair very well with a pistol or revolver for added range and versatility.

9 Carbine Repeater

Repeaters are excellent at medium range. They have a high rate of fire due to their use cartridges rather than firing individual bullets. This change effectively trades long-range accuracy for versatility and pure DPS.

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So, when grabbing a Repeater, players should look for something that takes advantage of its Ammo capacity and rate of fire. Well, look no further than the Carbine Repeater. It equals the Lancaster Repeater in range and rate of fire, but has better reload times and higher overall damage output. Players can pick up this balanced weapon from any gunsmith in the game for $90.

8 bolt action rifle

Choosing a rifle in Red Dead 2 can be tricky. Two attractive options are the Bolt Action and the Rolling Block Rifle. At first glance, the Rolling Block is the better choice. But in fact, the Bolt Action is the best overall rifle, and here is why:

In terms of base stats, the Rolling Block does more damage and has a higher range. However, as the player gains affinity with a firearm, their stats improve. Because rifles start so close to the ceiling for damage and range, at max affinity, all rifles have virtually identical damage and range stats. Therefore, rate of fire and reload times are more important considerations for rifles, and the Bolt Action is better for those. It can be obtained from any gunsmith after the mission “Preaching forgiveness as you go”.

seven LeMat Revolver

The LeMat is a strange, almost experimental gun. It is the most expensive revolver in the game, priced at $172. It is also the most powerful revolver, capable of downing most enemies with a single headshot. Its main drawbacks are its extremely slow charging and rate of fire. To compensate for this, the LeMat revolver has a unique cylinder that can hold 9 shots instead of just six. It can also switch to shotgun ammo at any time, functioning like a sawed-off cannon.

Catching enemies off guard with a shotgun blast never gets old, and dual wielding the LeMat with a true sawn is a literal blast. The LeMat Revolver can be purchased from the Gunsmith in Saint Denise after the Chapter 4 mission “The golden cage”.

6 Semi-automatic shotgun

The semi-auto is a great all-round shotgun with an excellent rate of fire, solid stopping power, good reload times and large ammo capacity. Other shotguns trump in raw damage, but it’s still an incredibly versatile option, second only to the repeating rifle. Stuck in a melee with a group of enemies, no one wants to be stuck constantly reloading a slow and clumsy double-barreled shotgun.

Unfortunately, the Semi-Auto Shotgun is only available after the Chapter 4 mission “A Beautiful Night of Debauchery”. However, players can also find one in the basement of Watson’s Cabin. This secluded location is on a side path of the trail that runs along the Little Creek River, northwest of Wallace Station.

5 Carcano Rifle

The Bolt Action is awesome, but the Carcano Rifle is the best rifle in the game. At max affinity, its stats are almost identical to those of the Bolt Action. However, when it comes to reload times, the Carcano rifle is the clear winner. That’s pretty big for a rifle; especially considering how slow to reload they normally are. This is the best option in the game for eliminating enemies from a long distance. Plus, it’s a cool gun with a more modern feel.

The Carcano Rifle can only be obtained a bit later in the game. There are a few missions in Chapter 6 where it can be picked up for free – after that it can be purchased from any Gunsmith for $190 .

4 midnight gun

At first glance, this modified Mauser pistol may seem little. His base stats are mediocre at best. However, as the player gains affinity with the gun, their stats increase until it is the best gun in the whole game. With incredible accuracy, solid damage, and fast reload times, Midnight’s Pistol is a killing machine etched in gold.

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To obtain the Midnight Pistol, the player must defeat Billy Midnight in a duel at the end of “The Noblest Men and a Woman”, an unknown mission that begins in Valentine’s small saloon. Make sure you really grab the gun after the duel, or it will be gone forever.

3 Repeating Rifle

With good damage, a solid rate of fire, and the fastest reload time of any shotgun, the Lancaster Repeating Rifle is a clear winner in close combat. It beats the semi-automatic shotgun in accuracy, reload time, and ammo capacity. This is explained by more time spent hurting bad guys and less time spent recharging.

The Repeating Shotgun becomes available from all Gunsmiths for $185 after the mission “Visiting hours in Chapter 6. At this point, it quickly becomes our shotgun of choice unless we’re looking for dual wielding. No other shotgun can compare with its great stats and modern look.

2 M1899 pistol

This sidearm was added to Red Dead 2 in an update. It is available from gunsmiths in Saint Denis. While it may not be the strongest in terms of power, its excellent ammo capacity and smooth, fast rate of fire make it a absolute pleasure to useexactly what is expected of a modern weapon.

The M1899 is capable of inflicting extreme punishment in fast fashion to anyone at short or medium range. This is perhaps the most forgiving weapon in a game full of clunky old guns. We recommend using it with a LeMat revolver, as any mistakes made by the LeMat can be quickly covered up by the M1899.

1 Micah’s revolver

Similar to the Midnight Pistol, Micah’s Revolver starts off as a pretty average gun. However, at full affinity, he has the highest damage caliber of any revolver. It also has a decent range, and it’s linked to the Double-Action for the highest rate of fire among the guns. For those who like to “fan the hammer” and fire lots of shots in quick succession, this is the gun to do it with.

Micah’s revolver also has a cool design, with the phrase “VENGEANCE IS HEREBY MINE” etched into the barrel. Unfortunately, the only way to get the revolver without cheating is to wait until the end of the epilogue mission “American Venom“. It’s not something players can use throughout the game.

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