10 Best Video Game Side Quests

Sometimes it looks like developers are throwing side quests into their games Just for fun. It’s an unfortunate trend of quantity over quality. Skyrim is a fun game with hundreds of questsas long as the looping “radiant” quests are counted. Then there are games like Assassin’s Creedwith his spinning missions and look for quests. Is it really worth turning a game into a 60 hour experience when 30 of those hours are completely forgettable?

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Certainly, preparing content that some players maybe not even see is difficult. It takes entrails, Faithand design expertise do side quests good. The greatest are underrated and deserve to be celebrated. That’s why we brought this look back to the best most memorable side quests in video games.

There will be spoilers ahead!


ten Love hurts (Fable 2)

In Fable 1, the player can marry the Mayor of Bowerstone, Lady Elvira Grey. In Fable 2, she is a little different. The Grave Keeper in Bowerstone Cemetery will ask the player to collect the body parts of a woman he is obsessed with, who happens to be Lady Grey. If the player is nearby when the Tomb Guardian completes his resurrection, Lady Gray will fall in love with them.

The premise of the quest is one of the most creative and memorable throughout the game, but the quest itself is very simple. There are basically only two conclusions: Help the guardian of the tomb find love, or steal it from him.

9 Epsilon Program (Grand Theft Auto V)

The Epsilon program in GTA V is actually a series of side quests, starting when Michael takes an internet personality quiz. Unless players know where to look, the quest line is totally hidden. Finding it is incredibly satisfying, as dig up buried treasure.

The Epsilon program is an obvious reference to a certain religious group. The most important thing Michael can do to move up the ranks is to give more and more money. The biggest surprise is that the quests just keep doing it. It actually starts to feel stretched towards the end, hence its relatively low ranking here, but the results are very entertaining.

8 The Silver Shroud (Fallout 4)

It is one of the most memorable and imaginative side quests in Fallout 4. In it, the Sole Survivor assumes the role of a pre-war radio drama superheroes. They are tasked with protecting the town of Goodneighbor from crime under the guise of The silver shroud.

By far the most fun way to play this side quest is to fully embrace the role, “becoming” the Shroud. You can tell the voice actor had a great time with the Shroud replicas. Each evokes a smile. At the end of the quest, if the player sticks to their role, the criminals begin to believe the Shroud is real.

seven I Know You (Red Dead Redemption)

Red Dead Redemption contains some pretty mysterious elements. For example, there’s a man in a top hat who makes fun of John, implying that he knows everything about him. They can meet several times during the game. Each time, the strange man will task John with a moral dilemma, as if he were tested.

Although this is a memorable quest and there are several ways to play it, the the result is almost the same if John does good or bad choices. It is strongly implied that the Strange Man is God, or a divine figure. At the end of the questline, John shouts “damn you!” what the stranger responds to “yes, many did”.

6 From Scratch (Breath of the Wild)

From The Ground Up is a long but memorable side quest in Breath of the Wild. In this document, Link helps in the construction of City of Tarrey. As the city grows, it becomes a viable location for the player. Rest, restock suppliesor just relax and chat with the villagers.

By rebuilding Tarrey Town, the player should feel like they are leaving their mark on the world of Hyrule. It’s actually in a pretty empty part of the map, so its location is very useful. Also, it is only one nice town with sharpness aesthetic. Sailing there from the nearby cliffs never gets old.

5 Plague (Kingdom Come Deliverance)

Kingdom Come: Deliverance does not hold the player’s hand. Henry is nobody, and it’s entirely up to the player somebody. When he crosses the plague city of Merhojedit is the decisions of the players that decide the ultimate fate of the city.

It’s a pretty simple premise: cure the plague as fast as possible, otherwise people will die. If the player slips, people will die. If Henry didn’t learn to read, people will die. If the player really screw up, the whole city will be wiped out. Henry’s shares have a real mark on the world in this quest. It is extremely memorable because of its open character and harsh consequences.

4 Beyond Beef (Fallout: New Vegas)

On the famous New Vegas Strip, one casino stands out among the rest: the mysterious Ultra-Luxury. What makes the elite White Glove Society so refined? Why are they wearing these scary masks? And why do they keep mentioning they are not cannibals? That would be a pretty strange thing to say for a normal, non-cannibalistic person.

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Beyond The Beef makes this list because it’s one of the most memorable in-game quests. The courier can investigate the Ultra-Luxe’s ​​dark underbelly, saving a potential victim from the White Gloves. They can kill all of the White Gloves, stop their cannibalism with cunning and cunning, or even join them and aid them in their cannibalistic endeavors.

3 The Cursed Commercial Zone (Disco Elysium)

Disco Elysium puts players in the shoes of a psychedelic, amnesiac cop. So when that cop gets a chance to investigate a curse, hard to miss. With its memorable story and a huge area to explore, this is perhaps Disco Elysium’s best side quest.

The story goes as follows: a woman named Plaisance runs a failing bookstore in the Martinaise. She is convinced that her store is cursed, as it is in the same building as dozens of missing businesses. With each company the player investigates, the conclusion is clear: there is no curse. The condemned commercial area is where bad business sense Meet the harsh realities of capitalism. The moral? Do not let superstition rule your life.

2 There Stands the Grass (Fallout: New Vegas)

Dr Thomas Hildern has already sent a number of contractors to investigate the deadly, overgrown Chest 22. So when a random courier walks into his office, he sends them to the vault, expecting them to die as well.

You can tell the obsidian was proud of this quest. Many NPCs in the game will direct mail to Hildern, and the quest itself is wide open. The mail can save one of the old contractors, a ghoul named Keely. They can learn how Hildern’s Fascination with Vault 22 border on obsessionand shake it up threatening to report him to his superiors. Or, they can leave Keely destroy data, which might be the best option. After all, the NCR is likely to ignore the dangers of the plants in Vault 22 and incorporate them into their farms anyway.

1 Paranoia (TES IV: Oblivion)

As the player wanders around the town of Skingrad in Oblivion, they may be accosted by a sleazy wood elf named Glarthir. Glarthir practically begs the player to meet him in secret at midnight that night. If they go to the meeting, Glarthir appoints a woman to whom the player owes to spy.

paranoia spins player freedom up to eleven, similar to whodunnit, another popular side quest. He presents a difficult moral situation and asks “how do you handle this?”. Glarthir is obviously struggling with mental illness. It’s up to the player to decide how to put that particular fire out, or conversely, how to stoke it. There’s a lot of money to be made in manipulate Glarthirconfirming his suspicions, and perhaps murdering hard some of the “conspirators” he is so worried about.

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