10 Best Video Game Soundtracks, Ranked

Music plays a vital role in games, but is often underestimated. Imagine wandering Skyrim with nothing but footsteps as atmosphere, or DOOM with only the sound of blood and gunfire keeping you company. Even simple and minimalist games like Minecraft are equipped with beautiful music. They’re not always just for vibe – songs that are good enough will stay with the players forever.

To celebrate original and impactful video game music, in addition to highlighting this underrated aspect of games, we’ve compiled this list. here are the best examples of original music in various video game seriesfrom ambient electronic melodies to intense orchestral scores.


10/10 Minecraft

Countless people have enjoyed Minecraft great ambient soundtrack. Created by the talented electronic composer, C418the game’s relaxing melodies make a awesome background to explore and build. There are few experiences more satisfying than gazing at a finished build while the C418’s sweet melodies caress your ears. Minecraft is only rated low because its ambient melodies work best as background noise, with a single song standing out as particularly great.

In particular, the song Sweden is awesome and iconic. This singing piano melody rises, lazily, up and down. It looks like a classic composition. Sweden is slow, contemplative and simple, almost dreamlike. He is also relatively easy on the piano and makes a great song for beginners to learn.

9/10 Red Dead Redemption

Red Dead Redemption games always strive to be cinematic and the music is a powerful tool in their arsenal. Some of the most memorable moments in these games are just horseback riding on empty roads. They are memorable because of the music they use.

In Red Dead 1, the song “Far” welcomes John Marston to Mexico. This rhythmic acoustic melody perfectly captures the mood of the tired and reluctant hero. In Red Dead 2, the beautiful song “Can I? Stay Steadfast” plays as Arthur Morgan returns from overseas to America. Also in Red Dead 2, the “House Building Theme” warms the heart. However, despite these notable points, Red Dead Redemption’s background music can be underwhelming at times.

8/10 Danganronpa

Danganronpa is a weird game that happily parodies anime tropes. Some dislike the game for its over-the-top plots and characters. However, no one will probably dispute that its soundtrack is surprising.

Those who have never played Danganronpa should do yourself a favor and listen to the song BOX 15. This song combines cop music tropes (muted trumpet, snare lines, and a walking bassline) with the fast and energetic style of composer Masafumi Takada. It sounds like the cool Japanese Shibuya-Kei music style, like all Danganronpa soundtrack. Not only is it incredibly unique, but it’s also just plain fun to listen to. In fact, it’s so much fun to listen to it almost distracts from Danganronpa’s storywhich is wild in its own right.

Along with its solid background music for most levels in the game, several entries in the Metal Gear Solid series feature intense and memorable theme songs. Take, for example, the song Snake Eater, which wouldn’t sound out of place in a James Bond movie. The song is jazzy and cool, and the vocals are spot on. There’s also Metal Gear Solid V’s Sins of the Father, an orchestral song that grips listeners with intense emotion. In addition to these headliners, the show’s music is generally excellent, with songs like Tara’s theme and just the iconic main theme. Although there is lackluster background music, MGSV fixes this by giving Snake a radio with tons of licenses Music from the 80s to listen to in the background.

6/10 Banjo-Kazooie

In the heyday of game developer Rare, composer Grant Kirkhope was pumping back to back classic games soundtracks. There was donkey kong countrythere was Conker’s Bad Fur Dayand of course there was Banjo-Kazooie. Since its protagonists are named after musical instruments, it is only fitting that the soundtrack of this game is a unique jewel.

Kirkhope made great use of a particular musical interval in Banjo-Kazooie; the the devil’s intervalwho makes music scary. He often appears in Halloween songs. It is also used in almost all Banjo-Kazooie tunes. A little like circus musicit is undeniably very bizarre, but also very fun to listen to. The melodies, which bounce back and forth, represent the personality difference between bear and bird.

5/10 PaRappa the rapper

PaRappa the Rapper is an underrated series, put music front and center in two main games as well as a spin-off (Um Jammer Lammy). The games are short and sweet, only lasting about an hour, but that just means they don’t overstay their welcome.

In PaRappa 1, The Fleaswallow Rap is a good reggae song. rap cheap cheap sounds like a cheesy 90s tune, but it’s a serious earworm. In PaRappa 2, Toasted buns is incredibly funky, and Big is a moving treat. With multiple difficulties and a co-op mode to keep things fresh, PaRappa’s songs are catchy, replayable and classic on every level.

4/10 Stronghold

Bastion is a former game from Supergiant Games, the developers of Hades. The gameplay is similar to Hades, and the art is gorgeous, but Where Bastion really shines is in their music.

The soundtrack not only has great outstanding songs, but it also remains impressive throughout the game. Composed by Darren Korbit features a mix of adventurous western guitars and gritty, almost industrial electronics. Build this wall, a song about collapse and inevitability is hauntingly beautiful. It’s the same with mother i am here, another great song. Then the two songs combine to form the beautiful song Set sail, come homea perfect cornerstone for a big game.

3/10 Subtitle

Nevertheless, Undertale still has one of the best soundtracks of all time. Almost every song in the game is excellent, and Undertale’s extensive use of recurring melodies gives them all a charming cohesion.

There is relaxation Bonetrouslewho get into your bones and makes you want to dance. There are spider dancewhich gives goosebumps with its intensity. Falls disarm with sound strange and sweet beauty and ASGORE injects energy with sound beating war drums and driving melodies. There is also the iconic Megalomaniaand inspiration Hopes and Dreams. The list goes on and on and on. Toby Fox’s ear for amazing melodies cements the Undertale soundtrack as an all-time great.

2/10 Personas

Persona is a series that prides itself on stellar presentation. One element of that is the music, something the Atlus composer Shoji Meguro worked tirelessly to perfect his 30 years of career in the company. Each Persona game has a unique soundtrack, and all of them are excellent.

Players often leave Persona 3 humming its catchy songs, like Mass destruction, When the moon reaches the starsand memories of you. Persona 4 features dance-worthy songs like Heartbeat, heartache and Specialist. Persona 5 Has R&B-Inspired Soul Songs, Like Jazzy under the mask and the super energetic Last surprise. Given how long these games are, the songs all have to withstand multiple listens, and they do. In fact, most Persona fans end up listening to the soundtracks again long after they’ve finished playing the games.

The composer of Bethesda, a man named Jeremy Souleis renowned for its Awesome music. Soule enjoys a broad orchestral style which goes very well with epic fantasy world of The Elder Scrolls. Every Elder Scrolls game since Morrowind has had great musicbut one soundtrack stands out in particular: Oversight.

In a now archived interview, Soule shared the inspiration behind the Oblivion soundtrack. It was his own near death experience. “I remember that I was not afraid” he said, “…I just admitted to myself that I had a good life”. Obviously he was not seriously injured, but the contact with death shaped his art. For many fans, learning this explains why Oblivion’s music is so mysteriously touching. Soul’s music captures the beauty of the human experience, where every step you take is another opportunity to appreciate the fact that you are alive.