10 classic PS3 games that are still worth playing in 2021

The seventh generation of consoles marked the most significant leap in power and visual quality between generations of consoles. Sony joined the generation by releasing the PlayStation 3 in 2006. Boasting high definition visuals, their Cell processor, and Blu-ray capabilities, the sky seemed to be the limit of what developers could accomplish.

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The PS3’s rise to the top of the console world has been bumpy. With its high initial price tag, developers struggling to develop games on the PS3 infrastructure, and releasing the Xbox 360 a year after, the PS3 started out on an incredibly bad basis. Thanks to stellar games, both multiplatform and exclusive, the PS3 would barely overtake the 360 ​​by the end of the console generation. Whether it’s via a remaster or dusting off an old PS3, there are still some fantastic games still worth playing in 2021.

ten Resistance was an irresistible launch title

Fighting a robotic enemy

The Resistance series launched the PS3 generation with Resistance: Fall of Man as the launch title. Created by Insomniac Games, the first-person shooter depicts another setting from WWII where the Chimera, an alien race, attacks planet Earth. Faithful to Insomniac Ratchet & Clank heritage, the Resistance series sports many fun and creative weapons.

Fall of man was followed by two sequels as well as two portable spinoffs in the form of PlayStation Portable Resistance: Punishment and the PlayStation Vita Resistance: Burning Sky. With the exception of Burning sky, the Resistance the series has been critically acclaimed throughout. However, none of the games have been remastered since.

9 Grand Theft Auto IV laid the groundwork for Grand Theft Auto V

Niko creating an explosion

While Grand Theft Auto V Always manages to surpass all expectations by continuing to dominate sales and become the highest grossing video game ever, it’s easy to forget Grand Theft Auto V was not the first Grand Theft Auto released on PS3. Grand Theft Auto IV, released in 2008, tells the story of Eastern European immigrant Niko Bellic. Niko, a former soldier, is on a journey to fulfill the American dream while trying to find the man who betrayed him during the war he waged in Europe.

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Grant auto theft IV would go on to become one of the highest rated games of all time and is often referred to as one of the best video games ever made. Unlike its sequel, however, Grand Theft Auto IV has yet to receive a remaster.

8 Would you be so kind as to play Bioshock?

Big daddy and little sister

Since he started, Bio-shock mystified players with its dystopian setting and shocking plot. Bioshock tells the story of Jack, a plane crash survivor who falls at the entrance to the underwater city of Rapture. There, he gets caught up in an argument between Atlas and Rapture creator Andrew Ryan. Jack will meet fascinating characters and gain bizarre abilities, as he seeks to help Atlas save his family.

Originally released exclusively for the Xbox 360 console, Bio-shock debuted on PS3 in 2008. The game won several game of the year awards and has since spawned two sequels as well as a remastered collection.

7 The infamous series doesn’t live in infamy

Cole watches Empire City

After a trilogy of games around the thief raccoon, Sly Cooper, Sucker Punch Productions set out to create a game in the genre of superheroes. In 2009 they released Infamous exclusively on PS3. In Infamous, players take on the role of Cole MacGrath as he receives electrical powers after a massive explosion in Empire City. Cole will have to decide whether he wants to pursue the role of hero or villain as he seeks to increase his power.

The Infamous The series would produce two follow-up games, one following Cole MacGrath and the other following a new character, Delsin Rowe. The Infamous the series has yet to receive a remaster.

6 Uncharted 2 upped the ante compared to the original

Nate escapes from a helicopter

When Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune burst onto the scene in 2007, he was praised for his stunning visuals, fantastic acting and capturing that summer blockbuster feel. For its sequel, Naughty Dog would double down on everything that made the original great while making some significant improvements. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Nathan Drake’s story continues as he sets out to find Marco Polo’s missing fleet. In the process, he will have to prevent Serbian war criminal Zoran Lazarević from dominating the world.

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Among thieves was followed by two critically acclaimed sequels, two spinoffs, a remastered collection and an upcoming live-action film. Among thieves is credited with turning Naughty Dog into Sony’s first exclusive developer, and paved the way for the Unexplored series to become one of the most beloved series of all time.

5 Red Dead Redemption follows the events of Red Dead Redemption II

John Marston on horseback

In 2010, Rockstar took their highly successful open world formula and brought it into the underused setting of the Old West. In the continuity of the Dead red series, Red Dead Redemption has little to do with the original Red Dead Revolver. Red Ded Redemption tells the story of John Marston as he seeks to find peace with his past as an outlaw.

Following Red Dead Redemption, Red Dead Redemption II, actually acts as a prequel to the events of this game. Those who enjoyed Arthur’s story should definitely play Red Dead Redemption to see how the story continues. One caveat is that Red Dead Redemption has yet to be remastered or even receive a PC version.

4 Journey takes players on a great journey

The player travels the desert

The PS3 generation ushered in an era of popular games made by independent studios. These indie games often take the form of smaller, low budget games created by their passionate developers. One of those developers, Thatgamecompany, specializes in games as an art and an experience. To be continued To flow and Flower, their third match took the form of Journey in 2012. In Journey, players take on the role of a character in an unnamed robe as they walk towards a light in the distance.

Journey has received critical acclaim and received numerous Game of the Year awards.

3 Telltale gives players a chance to become the living dead

Lee and Clementine

During the PS3 generation, Telltale Games sought to revive the point-and-click adventure genre. None of their previous games garnered as much attention as The walking dead in 2012. Based on the graphic novel series, The walking dead tells the gripping story of Lee Everett who, after a car accident, wakes up to find himself in the zombie apocalypse. There, he finds a little girl named Clémentine, and the two set off on a journey to find her parents.

The success of The walking dead would lead Telltale Games to create stories based on other series such as Minecraft and Game Of Thrones. The walking dead would be followed by three more seasons and a spin-off based on the comic and television character Michonne.

2 It’s easy to fill your heart with love and enthusiasm in Ni No Kuni

Oliver, Swaine and Esther

Few JRPGs would capture the hearts of many like Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch did in 2013. From its Studio Ghibli visuals and animation sequences to addictive capture mechanics, Ni no Kuni would captivate players on Oliver’s adventure to save a mysterious world. In the process, a grieving Oliver also hopes to save his unexpectedly deceased mother.

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The wrath of the white witch would continue to receive a remaster, ports on Nintendo Switch and PC, as well as a sequel in Ni no Kuni II: Kingdom of the ghosts in 2018.

1 The Last of Us finished the PS3 with one of the best games ever

Joël and Ellie

In 2011, Naughty Dog surprised many when they revealed they were developing a game that wasn’t Unexplored. The last of us, released as swansong on PS3 in 2013, tells the story of Joel in an apocalyptic setting with a Cordyceps mushroom that turns people into zombie-like creatures. Joel is tasked with taking a girl named Ellie across the country in her moving story.

The last of us would end the PS3 era on the highest note becoming one of the highest rated and most awarded games of all time. The game would receive a remaster in 2014 and a critically acclaimed sequel in 2020.

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