10 games that should be remastered while waiting for the sequel

It finally happened. After years of waiting, a developer announces a highly anticipated sequel to a beloved game! This announcement is coupled with a stylish trailer or even a simple logo. Articles and threads appear left and right, analyzing every detail that has been revealed. Theories abound that are so bizarre they couldn’t possibly be true, but are just plausible enough to be worth entertaining.

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And then the dust settles. The initial vertex fades. Players are now left with a year or more of waiting before this sequel arrives. The wait for a highly anticipated sequel is tough, which is why many developers often release a new remaster or port to help make that wait time more bearable. With so many highly anticipated sequels to come, there are a few select games that should see a remaster while gamers wait for a sequel.

ten A remaster of Metroid Prime: The Trilogy should help maintain the Metroid Renaissance

Samus Fighting Dark Samus

the metroid series has undergone a monumental renaissance in recent years with Metroid: Return of Samus and Metroid: Dread. However, there is still one game missing: Metroid Prime 4which was revealed at E3 2017 alongside The Return of Samus. Metroid Prime 4 went through a tough development cycle, including a full reboot under another developer.

Remaster the Metroid Prime: Trilogy for Nintendo Switch can not only help maintain the recent momentum of the metroid series but also serve as an introduction point for new players. A 2022 release would also coincide with the original’s 20th anniversary. Metroid Prime for Nintendo GameCube.

9 Before God Of War’s Norse Saga Ends, Revisiting Greece Could Make For A Fun Refresher Course

Kratos’ Journey Through Norse Mythology Set To End In 2022 God of War Ragnarök. What’s next for Kratos and Atreus after the events of Ragnarok remains to be seen, but the story of the Spartan soldier turned Godslayer will soon span eight main titles.

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With the Norse Saga coming to an end, a refresher course on the Greek Kratos Saga would be welcome, especially if it were to come out on PC like the one in 2018. God of the war finally done. Sony already released a similar compilation for the PlayStation 3 in 2012. However, the god of war saga collection was released before another entry in the Greek saga – god of war ascension.

8 Final Fantasy XIII should be next in line for a Final Fantasy remaster

Lightning crosses the world

Square-Enix is ​​no stranger to remastering its oldies Final Fantasy securities. With the exception of the MMORPG Final Fantasy XIeach main line Final Fantasy Up to Final Fantasy XII received some form of remastering or improved port.

With Final Fantasy XVI on the way, now is the perfect time to review Final Fantasy XIII. FFXIII received a PC port in 2014, with the Xbox 360 version also being upgraded for Xbox One X backwards compatibility. With many previously exclusive Final Fantasy games that debuted on Nintendo recently, FFXIIIas well as its sequels, would be a perfect fit for the Switch.

7 An anthology version of Mortal Kombat is long outdated

Jax holding Kung Lao by the throat

In 2022, the mortal combat series will celebrate its 30th anniversary. After 30 years full of blood, death and controversy, the mortal combat brand is stronger than ever. 2021 marked the official end of support for Mortal Kombat 11with Mortal Kombat 12 should be revealed as soon as possible, or even cut the line before Injustice 3.

Netherealm Studios should take inspiration from the books of other fighting game series such as street fighter and Samurai showdown by publishing a comprehensive anthology of mortal combat series. A compilation of the original trilogy or the recent Netherealm trilogy would suffice, but there’s more to the series than these six. mortal combat titles, and those that remain deserve some love too.

6 Grand Theft Auto IV Could Help Make Up For The Botched Definitive Edition Trilogy

Niko Bellic smashes a car window

The bitter taste of Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – Definitive Edition still lingers fresh in the mouths of many Grand Theft Auto Fans. With the announcement that Grand Theft Auto VI is in development, Rockstar Games could use this opportunity to appease the company’s recent views following the Definitive Edition giving Grand Theft Auto IV remastering processing. While such a remaster would be approached with hesitation by fans, a clean and controversy-free remaster could potentially be what Rockstar needs right now, be it GTA IV Where Red Dead Redemption.

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An alternative to GTA IV would remaster the PlayStation Portable Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories and Grand Theft Auto Vice City Storiesgiving GTA fans an opportunity to play two underrated GTA securities.

5 Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas could use the Skyrim treatment

RNC Ranger and Brotherhood of Steel

the To fall the series is not expected to see a sequel anytime soon. Bethesda Softworks is currently known for working on games such as star field and The Elder Scrolls VI. To fall fans eager to explore the show’s post-apocalyptic world and learn more To fall lore currently in progress Fallout 76 for these needs. Eventually the time will come to Fallout 5.

With efforts by Bethesda Softworks to remaster, improve, and port frequently The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, To fall fans wonder if/when they’ll ever see Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas receive similar attention. A remaster of both To fall titles could not only put a fresh coat of paint on those old classics, but also clean up many of those games’ annoying bugs. To fall remasters could also feature new content, such as mods for consoles.

4 It’s time for Persona 3 to be the center of attention

The male and female protagonists of Persona 3 with Elizabeth and Theodore in the background

A little like To fallthere is no new mainline Character formally announced. With the resounding success of personas 5it is easy to assume that a Persona 6 is a matter of when, not if. Now that persona 4 golden escaped PlayStation Vita exclusivity by releasing on PC in 2020, it’s time to Persona 3 to take a much-needed step into the spotlight.

A final version of Persona 3 which captures the best aspects of Persona 3 FES and Persona 3 Portable would be perfect with features such as the ability to play as a female protagonist, the ability to control the actions of party members, and to include “The Answer” epilogue.

3 Mass Effect has received a remastered collection, so why not Dragon Age?

Player fighting an Ogre

One of the best remasters of 2021 was that of EA Games Mass Effect Legendary Collection combining the original Mass Effect trilogy in one package in anticipation of the next entry in the series, bringing the story back to the Milky Way after Mass Effect Andromeda.

With Dragon Age 4 confirmed to be in development, it only makes sense for dragon age to receive a similar lot with dragon age, Dragon Age IIand dragon age inquisition. While the dragon age the series does not tell a single, overarching narrative like the Mass Effect trilogy, there are certainly connections between the three dragon age titles that will likely continue into Dragon Age 4making it an attractive package for prospects dragon age players.

2 The Switch could have all Xenoblade Chronicles games with a Xenoblade Chronicles X Remaster

Player looks at enemy monsters

Monolith Soft Xenoblade Chronicles series has proven to be a big winner in Nintendo’s catalog. the original Xenoblade Chroniclesthe first of a sub-series of the largest Xeno series, was originally released for the Nintendo Wii in 2010 and has since been remastered for the New Nintendo 3DS and Switch.

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With Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and the next Xenoblade Chronicles 3 also on Switch, it only leaves Xenoblade Chronicles X faded away. While Xenoblade Chronicles X is disconnected from others Xeno and Xenoblade Chronicles titles, it was well received when it was released for Nintendo Wii U in 2015. Xenoblade Chronicles X is also one of the few exclusive Wii U titles to have made the leap to Switch yet.

1 Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines Remaster can reintroduce players to a cult classic

Asylum (club)

Few games deserve the “cult classic” label like Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines. Lines is based on the tabletop series from White Wolf Publishing Vampire: The Masqueradeand is part of the larger “World of Darkness” universe. Lines boasts exceptional writing as well as a character choice and creation system that offers immense replay value.

A sequel in Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2 has been revealed for a long time. Sadly, Lines 2 went through a tumultuous development with no clear release date in sight. A remaster of Lines can be a perfect introduction to VTM series for budding “Kindred” as well as to satisfy eagerly awaiting fans Lines 2.

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