10 Mistakes That Still Haunt Rockstar

Before the days of Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption, Rockstar Games was formerly known as DMA Design. At the time, they were best known for developing the highly successful Lemmings titles, which allowed the company to grow and expand its ambitions with more experimental titles such as Body Harvest for the Nintendo 64.

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Of course, the game that really put the company on the map was the aforementioned game. GTA, whose anarchic attitude solidified their new identity and direction. Although Rockstar has broken boundaries in both game worlds and storytelling, they’ve made many mistakes along the way, with the following examples being the most egregious.

ten Earthworm Jim 3D was definitely not groovy

When Dave Perry sold the rights to The earthworm Jim franchise, its 3D debut was handled by British developer VIS Entertainment. Unfortunately, the game’s development was long and arduous, with the lack of involvement from the original creators not helping matters.

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The end product was a lousy action platformer that lacked the creativity and attitude of the first two entries and was completely sabotaged by an uncooperative camera. While Interplay Games handled publishing duties in other territories, Rockstar published the game in North America. It may be one of the worst high-level games to bear his name.

9 There’s Nothing Shagadelic About Their Austin Powers Tracks

Cropped Austin Powers Game Boy

Developed by a division of Rockstar that primarily worked on handheld titles, Austin Powers: Oh, hold on! and Welcome to my underground lair were little more than activity centers on the Game Boy Color that featured a collection of minigames such as Rock Paper Scissors, a Pac man clone, othelloand a lousy 2D platformer.

The former put players in the pump shoes of the eponymous ’60s super spy while the latter allowed them to control his nemesis, Dr. Mal. These titles are nothing more than hasty licensed cash grabs to capitalize on The spy who fucked me.

8 The state of emergency did not live up to the hype

state of emergency game

Three years later Earthworm Jim 3DRockstar collaborated with VIS Entertainment again for the PlayStation 2 and Xbox title State of Emergency. The game was pretty much sold on its risque premise and the large number of on-screen enemies.

Unfortunately, it didn’t live up to the hype that has no doubt been generated by the success of Grand Theft Auto III. While a bit of fun can be had, there’s no denying the game’s limited appeal, as the novelty of beating enemies to death with a decapitated head only lasts so long. Years later, Capcom would make a much better version of this game in the form of dead risen.

seven Eval Knievel crashed and burned the Game Boy Color

Game Boy short Evel Knievel

You might remember those motorcycle flash games that asked players to perform stunts and reward their failures with fun injuries thanks to ragdoll physics. One might also be surprised to learn that Rockstar has already attempted to charge full price for this Game Boy Color experience.

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Evel Knievel puts players in control of the eponymous stuntman as they endure 20 levels of death-defying exploits. The terrible physics and trial-and-error design ensure that players will get too comfortable with the screen that depicts the aforementioned daredevil crumpled on the ground next to his crashed motorbike.

6 Expired music licenses meant deleting songs

Grand Theft Auto IV Niko Bellic

Radio stations play a huge role in immersing players in the world of Grand Theft Auto. Their selections of licensed tracks are well known for their quality and wide variety of genres. Unfortunately, music licenses don’t last forever, and while a PlayStation 2 disc might retain songs from an expired contract, more modern entries are only a digital upgrade far from having entire libraries wiped out of existence.

Such is the case with Grand Theft Auto IV, which removed tracks from countless artists, including Black Sabbath, Fat Joe and Electric Light Orchestra, as well as removing most music from Vladivostok FM.

5 The hot coffee mod was slammed by moral guardians

A screensaver for GTA V

While the Grand Theft Auto The series was known for pushing the envelope, the planned hot coffee mini-game where CJ would have sex with a special someone was seen as a bridge too far. This would almost certainly result in an ESRB Adults Only rating and severely limit sales revenue as a result.

However, modders discovered scrapped minigame files on the PlayStation 2 disc, and Rockstar decided to release an adults-only patch for the Windows version that restored it. What followed was outrage from lawmakers and costly lawsuits, resulting in Take Two Interactive losing $163 million.

4 Rockstar online lobbies

Cropped Rockstar Alert

As if being required to create a Rockstar Games Social Club account to play digital versions of their titles wasn’t annoying enough, many of their online titles suffer from corporate lobbies. Anyone who wants to rob and wreak havoc in GTA online may have to endure random network outages which can really ruin the experience.

There’s nothing more disheartening than losing a connection in the middle of a mission and losing all that hard-earned cash. Other fan complaints involve being misinformed that no friends are active and servers are down for PlayStation 3 and 360.

3 Grand Theft Auto The Trilogy Definitive Edition was anything but


The three GTA the PlayStation 2 and Xbox entries are an important part of the game’s history and Rockstar lineage. You’d think a remaster of all three titles would be approached with the utmost care and attention. However, the so-called “definitive edition” of these classic titles was anything but.

The remaster was widely criticized for its numerous bugs, groundbreaking script errors, and questionable artistic liberties taken with the original games. If that wasn’t enough, Rockstar went so far as to remove the original releases from digital stores, making this mess the only way for gamers to experience these classic titles.

2 Crunch, layoffs and hostile conditions plagued the Bondi team

Hollywood detective poster

Rockstar and the Bondi’s team The black was a hybrid of detective game, open-world sandbox and third-person shooter. Although critically acclaimed for its Hollywood production values ​​and impressive facial animations, the game’s development was arduous, leading to a mass exodus of staff from the Sydney-based developer.

If all that wasn’t enough, over 100 staff members went uncredited in the final product. Reports of crisis, layoffs and hostile conditions lingered around the Australian studio like a sheet, culminating in its eventual closure, making the mysterious 1940s title its only contribution.

1 Allegations of abuse and harassment have been taken to the press

Jeronimo Barrera Short Haircut

Jeronimo Barrera quit as vice-president in 2018, and the allegations that former staffers have leveled at him don’t paint a pretty picture. In addition to frivolous threats and actual firings, he was accused of groping former designer Colin Bundschu at a nightclub.

According to a report from Kotaku, staff claimed to have witnessed this event and reported to HR. At first, Barrera claimed he didn’t remember what happened, but later he flatly denied the allegations. Regardless of the veracity of these claims, no game, no matter how good, is worth sacrificing developer welfare.

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