10 Most Depraved Missions Players Have To Do In Grand Theft Auto Games

With all the recent rumors surrounding Grand Theft Auto VIfans will be excited to see where the next installment of the series will go. Grand Theft Auto has been one of the biggest game franchises for years, especially since the breakthrough success of GTA 3. Meanwhile, GTA V itself has been one of the most popular games for 10 years.

Grand Theft Auto games are not just about driving around a city and committing random crimes. Some of the missions involved in the games really push the boundaries of what should even be allowed in video games.


By the Books – GTA V

While killing people in GTA is one of the most common activities players engage in, torturing people is something else entirely. Depending on the character chosen by the players, By The Books is a mission assigned by Steve Hains to either Michael or Trevor.

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To complete the missions, the player must go to a warehouse in Banning where he is told to torture Mr. Kerimov. Players have the option of beating him with different tools, pulling out his fingernails or teeth, and giving him electric shocks using a car battery.

Hot Dog Homicide – GTA 2

This mission could be one of the most disturbing in video game history. This mission has been entrusted to Claude Speed, the protagonist, by the Russian mafia. It seems that Rockstar deliberately made this mission as disturbing as possible: Claude must drive a bus full of people to a slaughterhouse.

The spooky part comes next, players have to wait for people to be processed in the factory and then deliver the package to the Kovski restaurant in a hot dog van. So instead of delivering pork or chicken, players have to deliver human meat. These depraved missions are the reason why GTA 2 is still considered one of the best GTA games even now.

The Treacherous Pig – GTA Vice City

While most players may not remember this mission by name, it has become iconic as the “Chainsaw Mission”. When players have to go kill Gonzalez, most would assume they’ll accomplish the task using a gun or a knife. Instead, Tommy pulls out a chainsaw.

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city ​​of vice owes a lot to Brian De Palma scarface, and this mission recalls the most infamous and heartbreaking scene of this film. Having to act out a chainsaw murder instead of just watching it is what made this mission stand out in the game.

Knock Down the House – Liberty City Stories

Bringing down the house was the last mission in GTA Liberty City Stories, and it’s an act of pure evil not only because of the number of people the player has to kill, but also because it represents the purest form of capitalist greed. Players are tasked with blowing up an entire city block, which also means killing thousands of innocent people.

This is not, however, a terrorist plot. The block needs to be destroyed so that a wealthy businessman can have more real estate to play with. The intent of this mission is basically bad. Only some of the hardcore GTA fans will remember this mission from the game.

Deconstruction – GTA San Andreas

Deconstruction is a mission of revenge. Kendal told CJ that the construction worker was harassing her, which of course was untrue on their end, but what CJ did to one of them went a bit too far. CJ decided to destroy all portable huts with bulldozers.

But he didn’t stop there. When one of the foremen exited and returned to the bathroom, CJ pushed his portable toilet into the ditch using the bulldozer, then poured liquid cement over it, burying the foreman alive in the toilet. These outrageous missions are the reason why there is no other game like GTA.

Friend Request – GTA V

Michael is tasked with infiltrating Live Invader, Rockstar’s version of Facebook. The player must place an explosive device in their new prototype phone. But the depravity here isn’t just blowing up a phone.

Specifically, the player must activate the explosive device during a company live event – and, of course, kill the company’s CEO with the explosion. When the phone is unveiled on live TV, players via Michael make a phone call to the phone, and when Jay Norris picks it up on stage, he and the phone explode.

Flatliner – GTA Chinatown Wars

Club owner Zhou Ming asks Huang to pick up an old friend of his, a convict named Yuri who is on sick leave. So when players pick up Yuri from an ambulance and fight the police while trying to stay alive, it feels a bit like a happy mission – as happy as GTA missions, at least.

When Zhou meets Yuri, there is some kind of bad blood between the two characters, and Zhou decides to remove Yuri’s heart, considering that it is due to heart disease that he is on leave. The game sound effects also increased the yikes factor to 100.

Eddie Low Dating – GTA IV

While the gist of this mission is simply to help someone drop off some luggage, the subtext makes it clear that players are dealing with a psychopath and the bag actually contains body parts. The scene’s dialogue as well as the character’s actions even suggest that Eddie is a serial killer, a cannibal, and possibly even a child predator.

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It’s a good thing that the next time players interact with Eddie, the character decides to kill him. At least there is some kind of justice in GTA.

Have a heart – GTA IV

Players are usually so desensitized when playing GTA that bringing cold, icy bodies to an organ harvesting doctor seems like part of a normal daily routine. On top of that there’s the camera crew, Manny and Jay are executed at the drug dealer’s house for no apparent reason.

The drug dealer then casually snorts a line of what appears to be cocaine, one of the game’s hidden details, and Niko even cracks a little joke while looking at the corpses.

Dead Meat – GTA Liberty City Stories

When Tony’s mom wishes “he had Ciprianni’s guts,” Tony and Rockstar took it a little too literally. Tony then proceeds to lure Casa into an empty warehouse and strikes him with an axe. But this is not the end.

Tony then takes out his guts and feeds them through a meat grinder, makes sausages out of them, and takes the sausages back to his restaurant. Now, that’s really heartbreaking.

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