10 PS3 games with the best replay value

The PlayStation 3 is now phased out two generations of Sony’s current console, but that doesn’t mean the console’s games are dated in any way. In fact, many gamers still play some of the system’s most replayable video games, both online and offline.

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The PS3 was the first Sony console to fully engage with online gaming and embrace it as the future of support, and open world sandbox gaming has been taken to another level. From entirely original driving games to dense and sprawling Western epics, the PS3 has some of the most playable games in PlayStation history.

ten Grand Theft Auto V (2013)

Grand Theft Auto V gameplay

The fans are still waiting GTA6, but it’s easy to stay patient when there’s so much replayability with Grand Theft Auto V. Between the three different playable characters, the seemingly limitless number of side missions, and just soaking up the vast open world, the game is almost endless. Additionally, with player mods and GTA Online, there really is no reason to stop playing.

GTA V is not only one of the most playable games for the PlayStation 3, but also for the PS4 and even the PS5. The game has been remastered for every new console since its initial release in 2013. What makes it more replayable is that the PS4 version included the ability for players to play in first person mode for the first time in the game. series, giving players an excuse. to play through career mode for over 20 hours once again.

9 Burnout paradise

A car rolls down a track in a town in Burnout Paradise

The Burnout the series had a great run on the PlayStation 2 and, among all the arcade racing games on the platform, Burnout was by far the most loved. It was different from other racing games in that it lost all sense of realism and had the signature Crash Mode that tasked players with causing as much chaos as possible. The destruction has gone even further on the Playstation 3 with the release of Burnout paradise.

The game is open-world and, while it’s an overkill concept these days, paradise remains one of the most exciting roaming games of the 21st century. The open-world approach hasn’t come at the expense of any of the unique game modes either, making it endlessly replayable for its sandbox town and unique game modes.

8 Red Dead Redemption

John meets his end in Red Dead Redemption

Ironically, the popularity of Western films died out decades ago, but Red Dead Redemption is one of the most popular PS3 games of all time, and it’s a game that gamers return to time and time again. It is difficult to walk through the main story of the game because there are too many distractions and side missions around every corner.

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Many players have wasted dozens of hours just playing poker in one of the taverns or on a terrace. Red Dead replayability is facilitated by the fact that it comes with an expansion pack, Undead nightmare, which completely changed the tone of the game by being set in a zombie apocalypse.

7 Stuntman: Ignition

Flaming Car Jumping Over The Fence

Stuntman: Ignition is a unique and largely ignored game that came out on PS3, and it’s a rare breed of action-based driving game. Following the great success of the PS2 Stuntman, next-gen tracking sees players control a stuntman who must perfect stunts on movie sets in a range of different vehicles.

Whether driving missile trucks in military action thrillers or the Nightmobile in Tim Burton’s parody level Batman, this is the most original driving game on PS3. What makes it so replayable is that, aside from the fact that the game is so unfairly difficult, it took the barebones stunt builder from the original and gave it a lot more depth.

6 Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

All of the Unexplored the games are replayable, especially since there are so many collectibles hidden in the immense jungles and deserts. However, it is Among thieves which has fans returning again and again over 12 years after its release.

It has some of the best Unexplored the most epic locations, settings, and storytelling are unmatched in video games. Even just walking lazily through the jungle brings fans back, as it’s full of fascinating dialogue between Elena, Sully, and any other supporting character with Drake at the time.

5 Fractional / second

Race car drives along highway narrowly avoiding explosion

As Stuntman: Ignition, Split / Second is another seriously overlooked driving game. What is important about the game and sets it apart from the rest is that players can drastically change the racing track by firing rockets at major landmarks.

The game is set in a dystopian future and the sets include planes, cranes and other giant mechanical objects, making it one of the most ambitious racing games of all time. Even the biggest fans of the game may not have found all of the secret shortcuts yet, as there are several per level.

4 The orange box

Half Life 2 Alyx in front of the Citadel

The orange box is not just a game, but a collection of three games including Half-Life 2, Portal, and Team Fortress 2. There’s a ton of content in the box, and that doesn’t sacrifice quality for quantity.

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In fact, the puzzle game Portal, which was more of an experience for Valve than anything else, has dozens of levels and has gone on to have its own universally acclaimed sequel. As Half Life 2 has a better narrative than most movies and is full of mysteries that fans will likely never get answered, he’s still looking for clues to this day.

3 Engine storm

Apocalypse Motorstorm

Engine storm has been part of the launch lineup of PlayStation 3 games since 2007. Launch games have a habit of not holding up because they often look like glorified tech demos, and the developers didn’t understand the full potential of the current generation console.

However, Engine storm is one of the few to have far exceeded expectations. All-terrain racers usually have clunky mechanics, but Engine storm perfected the racing genre, as the feeling of speed on ATVs, buggies and even racing trucks was refreshing. Since there is no other off-road game like this, it is perpetually replayable.

2 Far cry 3

Driving in Far Cry 3

Ubisoft’s open-world games have become formulas because, regardless of the series, they all have open worlds and feature radio towers that players must climb to unlock more of the map. But, before they become so alike, Far cry 3 made the most of the formula.

It’s easy to waste hours of the day exploring the fictional Rook Islands, which are surprisingly detailed. On top of that, the jungle terrain was quite original at the time except for the Just cause series, and the customization of the arsenal was much more dense than ever. Nothing is more satisfying than sneaking up and taking control of an enemy outpost with pink and yellow zebra-patterned machine guns.

1 Batman: Arkham City

Batman ziplines past a church with Line Launcher in Batman Arkham City

While its predecessor, Arkham Asylum, had more of a gothic aesthetic and looked more like a smaller experience, Arkham City is the ultimate Batman game. The game has epic reach, as players can explore an entire city as a Caped Crusader at their leisure.

Completing the game 100% is an almost impossible task, as the plentiful amount of side missions, collectibles, and Riddler puzzles represents the lifespan of an average player. But, more than anything, it’s just addicting to take down groups of thugs in the dark.

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