10 Scariest Moments In Non-Horror Games Of The 2010s

Nintendo fans growing up in the ’90s probably have memories of off-putting encounters in some of their favorite non-horror games. of the battle against Giygas in Earthbound at the man-eating piano in Super Mario 64old-school games often had a weird bent toward horror despite appearances.

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In the modern era, horror in gaming isn’t as niche as it once was, but that hasn’t stopped it from creeping into non-horror titles. Fears are subjective, of course, but these encounters probably caught everyone off guard.


ten Super Mario Galaxy 2: Heavenly Trees of Hell Valley

A screenshot of the Sky Trees of Hell Valley from Super Mario Galaxy 2.

Perhaps the second most infamous inclusion in a mario game behind the piano possessed on the prowl in Super Mario 64 as a hidden detail, the Hell Valley Sky Trees are a quintuplet of black figures looming in the distance in Super Mario Galaxy 2by Shiverburn Galaxy.

The name likely alludes to the galaxy called “Hell Valley” during development, though it doesn’t shed light on why the asset was included in the first place. Only visible to those who deliberately seek them out, it’s certainly one of the weirdest things to ever pop up in a mario Game.

9 Grand Theft Auto V: Ghost of Mount Gordo

A screenshot of an Easter egg in Grand Theft Auto 5.

Found in the northeast part of Blaine County in Grand Theft Auto V, The Ghost of Mount Gordo can be spotted atop the titular mountain between eleven o’clock at night and midnight. Said to be the deceased wife of a politician mentioned briefly in the game’s lore, she bears a striking resemblance to Samara Morgan from 2002. the ring.

While most who come across this ghost have probably been researching how to find it, the unfortunate souls who stumble upon it organically have likely received the shock of their lives. It’s certainly not the kind of thing gamers would expect to find in a Grand Theft Auto slice and make an alarming Easter egg.

8 BioShock Infinite: Silent Boy

A screenshot of the Boy of Silence, an enemy from the Bioshock Infinite video game.

While the original BioShock and its direct sequel were heralded as exemplary seventh-generation horror titles, Bioshock Infinite, while still a critically acclaimed experience, took a slightly different approach. Infinite ditched the outright horror aesthetic of the original, putting more emphasis on high-octane action.

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He still had a few tricks up his sleeve, however. Encountered very late in the game, the Boy of Silence is a gruesome warden encountered in Comstock House who is able to pick up introducers with a heightened sense of hearing. Just before Booker escapes from the area, he is spooked by one of these gnarly guards, creating a jaw-dropping moment.

seven Dark Souls III: Revelation of High Lord Wolnir

A screenshot of High Lord Wolnir, a boss in Dark Souls 3.

Despite its dark fantasy setting, the dark souls the series rarely dabbles in outright horror. Bosses such as the Gaping Dragon from the first episode and the Flexile Sentry from the second frontier, but dark souls 3 goes so far as to introduce a boss via a jumpscare.

Encountered during the climax of the Catacombs of Carthus area, after interacting with an ominous Chalice, the player is taken to a black void where they come across the Skeletal Scion. While not as grotesque as some of the other bosses in the series, High Lord Wolnir’s sudden and terrifying entry makes him memorable.

6 Fallout 4: Dunwich Drillers

A screenshot of the Dunwich Borers questline in Fallout 4.

The To fall is best known for its atompunk aesthetic and post-apocalyptic pandemonium, but it often includes cosmic horror that less curious gamers may miss. Fallout 3 featured the Dunwich building, a reference to H. P. Lovecraft The Dunwich Horrorand Fallout 4 took things a step further with the Dunwich Borers.

A quarry heavily defended by raiders located in the northeast corner of the map, those who venture into the excavation site find that a strange entity is wreaking havoc. Many To fall hidden quests include horror elements, and this is a great example of that.

5 Red Dead Redemption 2: Butcher’s Creek

A screenshot of the Butcher Creep pentagram from Red Dead Redemption 2.

Camping in Roanoke Red Dead Redemption 2, it is possible to meet a disturbed woman who speaks of a cursed village known as Butcher Creek. Following the Ancient Wisdom questline will allow players to unravel the mystery surrounding the location which involves a quack shaman operating a town that is apparently affected by lead and arsenic contaminated water.

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However, an abandoned hut in the village hides a luminous pentagram visible from four to five in the morning. The implication here seems to be that the people of Butcher Creek are truly haunted by a demonic force.

4 Call of Duty WWII: Panzermörder revealed

The Panzermorder boss from Call of Duty WWII Zombies mode.

Call of DutyZombies mode, first introduced in 2008 world at war, had become a staple of the series in the mid-2010s. Unfortunately, after several iterations, the mode was in danger of jumping the shark. In response, Call of Duty WWII Developer Sledgehammer Games chose to take Zombies mode back to its roots.

The Final Reich was a relatively grounded launch card that felt like a major departure from Call of Duty: Infinite Warfareof Zombies in the Spaceland saga. Full of jumpscares and other gruesome moments, the pinnacle of the experience likely came at the climax of the map’s Easter egg quest which saw players battling against a body horror-inspired amalgamation of corpses. known as Panermörder.

3 Subnautica: The Phantom Leviathan

A screenshot of a Ghost Leviathan in the survival video game Subnautica.

The second largest hostile entity in the game, The Ghost Leviathan is a harbinger of death most of which Subnautical players will be keen to stay away. Typically encountered in the Crater Edge, they serve to entice players who have ventured too far into the abyss to return to the game world.

Whereas Subnatura can be a beautiful and sometimes serene experience, players who dare to push their limits are bound to come face to face with one of these monstrosities. Titanic, translucent and capable of emitting a banshee cry, these are arguably the most unpleasant forms of aquatic life found in the vast ocean of Subnatuica.

2 Undertale: The Real Lab

A screenshot of the True Lab from the video game Undertale.

A shameless love letter to the Mother RPG series, Toby Fox’s Subtitle is a weird and wonderful adventure full of humor, intrigue and open-ended adventure. On that note, if the player makes an effort to spare all of their enemies and complete a handful of other requirements, they will gain access to the True Lab, the secret lair of shy scientist Alphys.

It turns out that Alphys orchestrated an experiment meant to bring the dead back to life, but her test subjects turned into body-horror abominations known as Amalgamates. It’s a weird and disturbing twist made all the more uncomfortable by the carefree nature of the rest of the game.

1 Spec Ops The Line: White Phosphorus Incident

A screenshot from the Spec Ops: The Line video game.

A twisted tale heavily inspired by the 1979 film Apocalypse Now, Special operations: the line sees a group of three soldiers attempt to put down a rebel militia wreaking havoc in devastated Dubai. However, all is not as it seems, and the lines between truth and lies become increasingly blurred as the game progresses.

At first, the three think they’ve stumbled upon an enemy encampment and use white phosphorus to clear it. However, in a shocking twist, it is revealed that they actually carried out a chemical attack on a refugee camp. This traumatic incident serves as the pivot around which the rest of the twisted narrative hangs.

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