10 Video Games That Deserve A Movie Adaptation, According To Reddit

Over the past three decades, a multitude of film adaptations of video games have emerged. Meanwhile, only 4 of those movies have received a “Fresh” rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Although many of these projects weren’t well received, fans kept asking for more.

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As many game studios have focused on creating film and television projects based on their properties, like PlayStation with Unexplored and Microsoft with Halo, there’s more hope than ever that fan-favorite games will be translated well to the big screen. As players debate which projects they would like to see, Reddit is of course the place to be.


Red Dead Redemption 2

John Marston and Arthur Morgan Profile Art on Loading Screen

In a game filled with a wealth of western movie references and homages, Red Dead Redemption 2 would work perfectly as a western. Reddit user Thetrappster cites Rockstar’s acclaimed game red death 2 as his choice as he thinks “Arthur’s character arc would translate well in the film.” Arthur Morgan goes through a pretty big change throughout the game’s story. His internal conflicts really make the character relatable to the audience, even though he’s a bandit.

This user also mentions that the movie could implement interactive features such as “your choices impact the direction the movie takes”, much like how different choices in the game can affect the outcome of the story. To have this film made in a way like Netflix’s Black Mirror: Bandersnatch would be a really cool experience to draw viewers in and also serve the story the film is based on.


poster for the Portal video game featuring two robots going through two portals

“I wish they would make a Portal movie,” user Cranburson says. He clearly wants what most video game fans want. Portal movie would really work, because there’s no constraint as to what can be done. The games follow a fairly basic mechanic, as the player simply solves puzzles using the iconic portal gun. However, there is more than meets the eye.

There is a massive amount of history surrounding Aperture Science and the abandoned facility. A prequel film following the creator, Cave Johnson, who happens to be played by JK Simmons, would be a great way to flesh out the lore of the series. A film adaptation is in development alongside half life at Bad Robot since 2011. As of May 2021, JJ Abrams maintains that the film is still in active development, per Collider.

Mass Effect

Mass Effect 3 Choices That Don't Really Matter

With a world as diverse and vast as Mass Effect, it’s no surprise that Reddit user Vlaks1-0 chose this as his must-have film adaptation. He mentions that the film could benefit by focusing on “The War of First Contact to introduce audiences to the world”. This takes place before the events of the first game and is when humans began to colonize space.

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It wouldn’t be the first time a film adaptation has acted as a prequel to the games. More recently, Tom Holland Unexplored the film did, as it details Nathan Drake’s first encounter with Sully before he was a seasoned adventurer. In February last year, Henry Cavill teased that he was working on a secret project in an Instagram photo, while holding a paper containing several words and characters from the Mass Effect franchise. It looks like a movie based on this game could be coming sooner rather than later.


A Big Daddy comes to kill in BioShock

Based on a franchise filled with great quotes, BioShock remains one of the smartest and most original video game series. Reddit user Hey_Bim suggests the movie can still happen, despite Gore Verbinski’s version being shelved. Hey_Bim says “Verbinski refused to make it anything but an R.”

A problem faced by most film studios is to tone down the violence of the source material so that the film can appeal to a wider audience. Reported by Polygon in 2017, Verbinski noted that due to the success of dead Pool, there is now a reason to produce his R-rated version of the film. However, Netflix has now acquired the license to produce a film adaptation with co-production from series publisher 2K Games. BioShock certainly invites viewers to a beautiful visual experience that would look great in cinemas.

Alan Wake

When it comes to creating unique mystery games, Remedy never fails. With its large catalog of games, any of their works would make a really cool movie, but the one that seems to be the favorite is Alan Wake. Reddit user voivod1989 remarks “Alan Wake would make a cool one”.

Just the premise of the game is so interesting. The game follows novelist Alan Wake as he investigates the disappearance of his wife as events from his books inexplicably occur in real life. The mysterious plot of the game would not work like a simple movie. Due to the game’s long history and episodic format, it would work much better as a miniseries. More studios should turn to television to adapt games, as it allows more time for the story to develop.

Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis

action game indiana jones and the fate of atlantis

the IndianaJones The franchise has had four films under its belt, but there are also video games that many have never heard of. Easily the most iconic game in the series, Fate of Atlantis saw Indy team up with another archaeologist named Sophia Hapgood. Indy has found himself in so many countries, but Atlantis definitely has to be the craziest place he’s been to so far.

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Reddit user DrRexMorman notes “It’s almost too late to make an animation […]The Fate of Atlantis with Harrison Ford as Indy”. As Harrison Ford is now 79, many more adventures starring the actor are unlikely, but in animation, Indy may remain ageless. DrRexMorman also mentions that Isla Fisher would be his casting choice for Hapgood, which is just perfect. Fate of Atlantis would surely make great animated content on Disney+.

Assassin’s Creed

Assassin's Creed The Ezio Collection Which game is the best AC 2 Ezio

While this isn’t Ubisoft’s first attempt at adapting the iconic series, Reddit user ToyVaren says he’s “really fascinated by the plot mechanics in Assassin’s Creedit’s a very original version of time travel”. He couldn’t have been more right. Although the previous Assassin’s Creed film with Michael Fassbender failed, there is always room for improvement.

Hiring the games writing team could go a massive way in shaping the scope and quality of the film, because sometimes just hiring Hollywood writers doesn’t always go well because they don’t necessarily understand the material. . The series is still going strong, so another movie just might appeal to audiences.

Max Payne

Cover of Max Payne

Yet another Rockstar game on this list, Max Payne was a staple of the gaming world of the 2000s, which led to the much-hated film in 2008. Many praised the production design but criticized the poor writing. Reddit user SPQR_Maximus jokes “I would love to see Max Payne get a real movie. Not whatever that abomination is.”

While moviegoers have seen revenge stories unfold for decades, it’s been a while since a big-budget antihero hit the screens. In a game strongly inspired by Hong Kong cinema and The matrix with its unique ball mechanics, there’s no better filmmaker than John Woo to helm this project. Add a cool production design similar to city ​​of sinWoo’s excellent action and a good script, it’s a box office success.


Destiny 2 weapon nerfs include sleeper simulator

Upon its release, destiny was a smash hit, also spawning a hugely successful sequel. Reddit user BuddhistSlater makes a very good point by stating that “I don’t like the idea of ​​adapting stories that have already been told well in video games. I like the idea of using films to expand already established video game universes without telling stories that have already been told.”

He mentioned destiny as a good franchise “in which a writer can tell a new story”. The universe, history and traditions of destiny is so huge that there are plenty of opportunities to tell an original story without simply replicating something already told in a game.

Jack and Daxter

Already one of many movies PlayStation has in development, Jack and Daxter is a project that many fans are clamoring for. Reddit user AlienSamuraiXXV mentions “Jak & Daxter can work well as an animated movie”, which is very true.

Development on a Jack and Daxter the film moved forward with Unexplored‘s Ruben Fleischer chosen as director. Tom Holland has also expressed great interest in playing the role of Jak but would like the film to be shot “at A24, so it would be really weird and dark”. Pairing director and actor again would be a great fit, especially working with A24, who have produced masterpiece after masterpiece.

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