15 best video game cheat codes of all time

By entering CIRCLE, CIRCLE, CIRCLE, CIRCLE, CIRCLE, CIRCLE, R1, L2, L1, TRIANGLE, CIRCLE, TRIANGLE (in the PS2 version of the game), GTA 3 players could spawn an invincible Rhino tank that could destroy n ‘ any other vehicle with a single cannon shot. It was the cheat you relied on when you were about to quit gaming or felt particularly frustrated / destructive. Sure, it would sometimes break the game and slow down the framerate, but honestly those drawbacks only underscore how insane and delicious this cheat was.

14. NBA Jam Unlockable Character Tips

Long before Fortnite let John Wick shoot Superman, NBA Jam was the undisputed king of bizarre character cameos that led to some truly wild competitive clashes.

Depending on which version of the game you were playing, NBA Jam let yourself be taken to court as Bill Clinton, Reptile, Warren Moon, “Air Dog”, Prince Charles, Will Smith, and many other really weird characters that we used to impress our friends before we turned down to tell them the cheat code we used to unlock them.

Star Was Jedi Outcust Dismemberment Cheat

13. Star Wars Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast – Dismemberment Debug Code

For years, Star wars fans asked the question, “Wait, wouldn’t a lightsaber instantly cut anyone who touched it?” While most of us knew the reasons why we never got to see this effect in the movies, many of us secretly hoped that one day we would see what a lightsaber could really do.

That day came the first time you realized that Jedi Outcast contained one of the best cheat codes ever. By opening the debugging menu of this classic PC and using the code “helpusobi 1”, Jedi Outcast players could unlock the “realistic” lightsaber combat option which allowed you to cut off enemy limbs and heads or even just give them the old Darth Maul special.

12. Metroid – The Mysterious Code of Justin Bailey

While MetroidThe “Justin Bailey” password / cheat code is certainly memorable for what it unlocks (Samus’ bodysuit design and a collection of gear, weapons and items), the lasting legacy of this. code is its mysterious origins and the many myths it inspired.