2K to unveil a new franchise later this month

An earnings call from Take-Two Interactive revealed that 2K will be launching a brand new IP address later this month. The “exciting new franchise” will launch before June 2022, the end of their current fiscal year.

The call specifically states that the IP is from 2K, so it’s not a mobile game, Take-Two has Socialpoint as a mobile studio, and it’s probably not a smaller indie title, these games are now released by Private Division. So at first glance a big and new AAA game from 2K, and which unfortunately excludes the new Bioshock.


There are other new games on the way too, a little later in the call for results, CFO Lainie Goldstein explains where Take-Two will be making money until June 2022 and makes it clear that there are several unexpected ones. games on console or PC.

The biggest contributor to net bookings is expected to be NBA 2K, Grand Theft Auto Online and Grand Theft Auto V, Red Dead Redemption 2 and Red Dead Online, as well as some of our new releases that have yet to be announced.

They also predict that the shift to digital distribution will continue at a steady pace, with 74% of all their console and PC games sold through online storefronts rather than physical discs.

Also of note, when the floor was opened to questions from investors, the first question was not on how much money Rockstar had made or the sales forecast for a new franchise, it was a question on how whose Take-Two addresses gender inequalities.

Another caller asked if Take-Two was interested in a subscription game model, like EA Play or PlayStation Now and it looks like you won’t see anything from the Take-Two group on Xbox Game Pass on day one.

“Our views remain unchanged. We believe that a subscription model can make sense for in-depth catalog titles. But that doesn’t really make sense for frontline titles, ”commented Strauss Zelnick, President and CEO.

“And for any business model that makes sense in the entertainment industry, it has to work for the creators of the entertainment as well as the consumers of the entertainment. And I think the catalog can make sense for publishers, can make sense for greedy consumers who really want access to a lot of products. But if you’re getting into first-line products, the economics are much harder to figure out. “

Source: In Search of the Alpha