4 GTA Online cars not suitable for racing

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In GTA Online, racing is a popular activity. The fastest cars to use in racing are frequently sought after by players.

Despite the wide choice of vehicles offered by Rockstar Games, not all of them are suitable for racing. Even some of the fastest cars in the game struggle to perform well in the task.

4 popular automobiles which are not recommended for racing in the game are included in this article.

1) The tyrant Pißwasser

In GTA Online, a unique muscle automobile is called the Pißwasser Dominator. This is a modified Vapid Dominator in Pißwasser livery. Despite being considered a racing vehicle in the game, players should not use it as it has some common issues with muscle cars.

The car has little traction and a lot of torque. Although it is lighter than the standard model, it still has substantial weight and oversteers and fishtails significantly in corners.

2) The bland ball

The super sports cars known as the Vapid Bullet can be found in GTA Online. Players usually use it to quickly traverse the map as it is recognized as a fast vehicle in the game.

For competitive multiplayer racing in GTA Online, however, the fast speed of the car is insufficient. The second slowest supercar in the game is this one.

With a five-speed transmission, the Vapid Bullet has rear-wheel drive. With all the upgrades, it can reach a top speed of 118.75 mph (191.11 km/h). Nevertheless, it has a far too slow lap time for high-speed races – 1:08.034 minutes.

3) Karine Kuruma

Having armor plates all over its body, the four-seater Karin Kuruma (armoured) is a sedan. It has a respectable top speed of 109.75 mph (176.63 km/h), which is reasonable for a sports vehicle.

Karin Kuruma’s biggest flaw, however, is that she’s armored. In addition to having a lower top speed and slower acceleration than the standard model, the car weighs 3,200 kilos and has less grip and weaker brakes. Additionally, he has a tendency to toss and turn while performing a fast turn at high speed.

4) Truffade Type Z

The legendary Truffade Z-Type originally appears in Grand Theft Auto 2. It is a traditional two-door luxury coupe in GTA Online with a powerful V12 engine that can easily cruise to a top speed of 126.25 mph, or 203.18 km/h (with all updates).

However, the Truffade Z-weight Type’s distribution is so bad that it seriously impairs its ability to perform well in races. It oversteers easily and has poor handling.

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