5 Best Minecraft Maps for Adventure and Exploration (2022)

Since its inception, Minecraft has exploded and grown exponentially. The possibilities of the game are almost endless, which has paved the way for players to create several excellent maps. There are horror maps, themed maps, and more that players love to explore and play.

Part of the charm of a new world is exploring and filling out the map. Several adventure maps lend themselves very well to this. Here are some examples for adventurers to try.

Adventure maps that Minecraft players can explore

5) Kingdom of Heaven

Kingdom of the Sky is one of the best designed adventure maps. It’s meant to be explored, but the details of every building and area are so well done that it makes players want to stay here longer.

There are plenty of worlds to explore though, so players will have a great time playing this fantasy adventure map. It can be downloaded here.

Sky Kingdom Map (Image via Mojang)
Sky Kingdom map (Image via Mojang)

4) Pokemon Johto

Crossover maps for Minecraft are no better than Pokemon Johto. Pokemon fans will love it and Minecraft players will see it as one of the best adventure maps available.

Pokemon has always been about exploring a world and adventuring, which makes it an amazing map to try out. Play it and other Pokemon-themed cards here.

3) Astral Adventure

Super Mario Galaxy was one of the most enjoyable games to explore. This card, whose theme follows, can say the same. It has fun game mechanics and has one of the nicest settings of all these cards. It can be found at this site.

Astral Adventure Map (Image via Mojang)
Astral Adventure Map (Image via Mojang)

2) Asleep

Dreams often vary and that’s the idea that led to this card. Here players can explore different settings based on all types of dreams, even nightmares. It offers such a variety of places to explore that players never tire of it at all. play it here.

1) The zombie apocalypse

One of the most interesting parts of any zombie movie or TV show is the world. With this map, players can learn all about it. It takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where zombies run amok. It has fun gameplay and lots to explore. Find it on this website.

Zombie apocalypse map (Image via Mojang)
Zombie apocalypse map (Image via Mojang)

Adventure maps are some of the best Minecraft has to offer. Players can download all kinds of maps on Java Edition, but there are also plenty available on Marketplace for those who can’t.

Edited by Sijo Samuel Paul

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