5 Best Video Games Featuring Casinos and Gambling

In the quest for realism, video games have successfully interwoven with gaming in many ways. Developers are constantly looking for ways to showcase game realism in games so that it continues to improve with more releases. This is why you can find games that realistically depict brands like 1xbet casino while still allowing players to play inside the game. However several players still struggle to find specific titles with experience of realistic game and we are here to reveal them to you.

We’ll introduce you to five video game titles that project nothing less than the best playable games of chance. Our list contains games with next-gen graphics, allowing gamers to have the best experience. Without further ado, let’s go!

Fallout: New Vegas

Fallout: New Vegas from Bethesda is one of the most popular RPG games out there today. The game has attracted a lot of players due to the success of the general Fallout franchise. And for our greatest pleasure, the title of New Vegas did not disappoint us.

Although it features a post-apocalyptic theme, one thing the developers have figured out is to represent multiple casinos. The game is saturated with many casinos for regular players and high rollers; the ball is in your court. One of the reasons we love Fallout: New Vegas is that the casinos aren’t just scenery, but are heavily involved in the plot. Actually, here’s a little spoiler from us – one of the main antagonists of the game known as Mr. House resides in the Lucky 38 casino. Some popular casino games you can play to pass the time in the game include:

Anyone who plays the franchise knows it’s an adventure and if you like the game, even better. Get ready to dive into a world of casino game variety.


The Grand Theft Auto franchise is no stranger to anyone; it’s been around for as long as we can remember and the GTA 5 installment takes it to a new level. One thing the developers achieved in this installment is critical attention to detail. We know GTA as an open-world game where you can do almost anything, but very few people know that you can participate in game activities.

All you have to do is locate a casino on the map, drive to the location, enter and you will find a new world. Besides the slot machines, you can try your hand at the card tables and show off your skills. But be careful not to waste all your money playing!

Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption is another popular open-world franchise that debuted in 2010. What sets this video game apart from the multitude of open-world titles today is its Wild West theme. This is not a game with fancy cars, skyscrapers and other luxuries; instead, you do it the old-fashioned way – with guns, horses, and hats.

One remarkable thing about Red Dead Redemption 2 is that it takes you back to some of the game’s roots. If you’re ready to experience classic poker, darts, and other traditional games, you should hop on this play without hesitation.

Red Dead Redemption 2 of all its franchises makes this list due to its wide range of games like knife games, five finger nets, hunting duels and many more. Even dice games are so exciting because you don’t have to follow the rules. Are you losing? No problem, outsmart your opponent and run away with the cash rewards. It won’t be easy, but it will definitely be worth it!

Watch dogs

Watch Dogs is a well-known franchise for offering gamers a high level of freedom. You can drive cars, operate drones and even hack them! The adventure options are limitless and we can say the same for the game part. One particular scene that caught our attention takes place in a saloon where you can play drinking games and poker.

Before you can join the game, you have to pay, which is a level of realism in itself. The poker tables also present a good replica of their appearance in real casinos. If you ever feel like getting away from the action of human missions, you can jump into this mini game play, you won’t regret it!

Witcher 3

The Witcher 3 really took the world by storm after its release. Apart from the engrossing gameplay, it has also encapsulated great diversity in its storyline. If you haven’t tried this title, get ready for a very addictive adventure.

If you’re familiar with a card game called Gwent, you’ll easily recognize it in The Witcher 3. There’s no better way to take a break from the action than to settle in with a good deck of cards. And like any good developer, they made sure to intertwine some gameplay challenges with the main storyline. So whether you like it or not, you’ll get extra gaming action, make it count!