5 best videos from Minecraft TapL streamer

Harvey Lee, better known as TapL, is an American YouTuber known for his MInecraft videos, which focus on Minecraft games such as UHC, Skywars, and Bedwars. It is also a frequent entity in the Minecraft championships, having been ubiquitous since the Minecraft 8 championships.

Many of TapL’s Minecraft videos are taken from his Twitch streams, in which he takes on various Minecraft challenges. For those interested in TapL, below are the 5 best Minecraft videos made by him.

Minecraft Videos by TapL

5) Minecraft, but the enchantments are OP …

In this video, TapL activates OP enchantments, which means that basic Minecraft enchantments are in-game, but taken to a whole new level. As per usual Minecraft gameplay, TapL spends a few minutes at first mining materials and crafting items before going to enchant his items.

What kind of insane enchantments will TapL encounter?

This video has 233,000 likes and 10.2 million views.

4) Minecraft, but there are custom enchantments …

In this video, TapL adds some interesting and fun custom enchantments to Minecraft, such as Aimbot, Repel and many more. It takes a while for TapL to prepare for some enchanting items, but when it’s finally able to, it’s definitely worth the wait. What types of enchantments will be used to help TapL beat Minecraft?

This video has 229,000 likes and 10.3 million views.

3) Minecraft, Bug Eggs Drop Articles OP …

TapL causes chicken eggs to drop OP items in massive numbers, such as swords or highly enchanted armor. In this challenge, TapL tries to beat Minecraft with that unique twist.

At first he begins to collect chickens to keep them in one place and eventually travel with them. What kinds of items will TapL get while patiently waiting for the hens to lay eggs?

This video has 281,000 likes and 12.2 million views.

2) Minecraft, but your health multiplies every time a creeper blows you up …

In this video, TapL starts Minecraft with one heart. Unlike most cases when blown up by a creeper, when TapL is blown up by a creeper, it will gain a little health each time. During this 18 minute video, TapL encounters tons of climbing plants and gains an incredible amount of health. How many hearts does he have at the end of the video?

This video has 277,000 likes and 13.5 million views.

1) Minecraft, but you can extract the whole piece …

In this video, TapL challenges itself to beat Minecraft while still having the ability to mine an entire chunk at once. He also added some custom elements which can be seen throughout the video.

While most people might think this is a fairly easy challenge, accidentally mining down can be a big mistake, as all the blocks below it will disappear. Can TapL reach the end and defeat the dragon Ender?

This video has 577,000 likes and 26.3 million views.

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