5 best ways to use minecraft villagers

Villagers are one of the oldest monsters in Minecraft. They were added to the game in pre-beta 1.9. During this time, the villagers were temporarily called “TESTIFICATES” as the developers were still testing it. Since then, the villagers have received many updates giving them improvements and adjustments.

In 2019, Minecraft received the Village & Pillage update, which brought major improvements to the villagers. After update 1.14, villagers have become more valuable to players.

Villagers are usually found in villages. They live here peacefully, going about their own business. During the night, iron golems protect them from zombies. Players should also try to protect the villagers due to their usefulness. Here’s how players can use Villagers in Minecraft.

How to use villagers in Minecraft

5) Achievements and progress

Like Minecraft speedrunning, many players prefer speedrun to achievements and progress. In Java Edition, players can get five unique advancements using villagers, while Bedrock Edition has four achievements.

Most of the achievements / progress related to villagers are fairly easy to obtain. Players who plan to speedrun for achievements or progress should aim for the villagers.

4) Decoration

Use villagers as NPCs (Image via Minecraft)
Use villagers as NPCs (Image via Minecraft)

Villagers are the closest thing to NPCs in Minecraft. While they don’t have exact dialogue other than the iconic “hmm” sounds, players can use them to play specific roles in their builds.

Villagers have many types of skins depending on their professions and region. Players can use villagers as decorations in Minecraft. With a little creativity, villagers can be used to play different types of roles.

3) Iron culture

With some effort, players can create a farm for almost any item in Minecraft. Players can use villagers to create automatic iron farms. When a group of villages get scared, they generate an iron golem to protect themselves.

Players can use looters or zombies to scare the villagers away and force them to spawn Iron Golems. When dying, Iron Golems drop Iron Ingots and Poppies.

2) Agriculture XP

Use them for XP (Image via Minecraft)
Use them for XP (Image via Minecraft)

Villagers are one of the easiest ways to get XP in Minecraft. Players can trade with villagers to get a wide variety of items as well as experience points. By building a trading room, players won’t have to worry about creating an XP farm.

Villagers can buy inexpensive items like paper, rotten flesh, and glass. By selling these easily accessible items, players can get shiny emeralds and decent amounts of XP.

1) Trade

Trade with the villagers (Image via Minecraft)
Trade with the villagers (Image via Minecraft)

The main reason villagers exist in Minecraft is that the developers wanted to add a trading system. The Village & Pillage update expanded the idea of ​​trading by introducing new professions.

By trading with the villagers, players can get a plethora of valuable items such as food, enchantments, armor, swords, weapons, and more.

To note: The list is subjective and reflects the views of the author only.

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