5 Most Useful Console Commands in 2022

Minecraft is a unique game. In development for over a decade, each system in the game can interact with each other in ways that the developers did not intend or could not have anticipated due to the sheer complexity of the major systems. Game.

This kept the community engaged with the game due to the amount of experimentation possible.

One of the most interesting areas that players can experiment with is the game’s console. There is a wide selection of console commands that players can take advantage of, do things like give custom enchantments, modify game rules, and change weather.

Useful Minecraft Console Commands to Remember

5 o’clock

A witch shack in a swamp seen through a sunrise, one of the weather control presets (Image via Minecraft)

The time command allows players to manually change the time of the game. There are two different versions of the command, one offering more convenience and the other offering precise control.

/time set

This command build uses one of four different keywords to switch the game to a preset based on the location of the sun and moon. Day will change the time of sunrise, noon will change the time when the sun is in the middle of the sky, night will change the time of sunset, and midnight will change the time when the moon is at its highest.

The advantage of this command version is that players do not need to know exactly what game time is associated with each of these times of the day.

/time set

This command version allows players to enter at any time, skipping the world at the associated time. The player will need to know what time of play refers to each period of the day.

4) /game mode

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One of the biggest things for players on test worlds wanting to experiment with different redstone builds or farm designs is the ability to switch between a creative mode for infinite resources, a spectator mode so they can watch things that have been built, and survival for mobs to spawn so the farm can be tested.

Fortunately, there is a very simple command that players can use to switch between game modes in the game. This command is the /gamemode command.

The syntax of this command is: /gamemode

3) /weather

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One area of ​​Minecraft that can be incredibly frustrating: thunderstorms. Either they happen at the most inopportune moment, or they refuse to happen when the player also wants them to. Combined with the fact that a misplaced lightning strike can burn wooden or woolen bases, the frustration level is increased up to 11.

Luckily, there’s a command players can use to manually adjust the weather to whatever suits them best. This command is the /weather command. Players can set different weather conditions with this command: a regular rainstorm, severe thunderstorm, or clear sky.

The syntax of this command is: /time

2) /game rules

A ghost diving to attack a player (Image via Minecraft)
A ghost diving to attack a player (Image via Minecraft)

The /gamerule command is perhaps the most powerful command in Minecraft. The /gamerule command allows players to change and edit their world’s toggle commands, even changing commands that players cannot influence during world creation.

Here are examples of some of the most common and useful game rule commands:

To turn the ghost spawn off/gamerule doInsomnia false

To prevent creepers, ghasts, and enderman from destroying or moving blocks: /gamerule mobGriefing false

To enable inventory management: /gamerule keepInventory true

Disable the day-night cycle: /gamerule doDaylightCycle false

1) /locate

A final portal, which can be found quickly using the locate command (Image via Minecraft)
A final portal, which can be found quickly using the locate command (Image via Minecraft)

The /locate command is an incredibly powerful command and ranks first on this list due to its usefulness for an average explorer. The /locate command allows players to search their world for the nearest biome, structure, or point of interest (PoI). Bedrock Edition is unable to search for points of interest.

This means that players in test or survival worlds can quickly find things like fortresses, ancient cities, mangroves, deep dark biomes, or even smaller structures, including ruined portals and bells. The command will display coordinates in chats, which players can manually go to, or click to paste a teleport command directly into the chat window.

The command syntax is: /locate

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