5 Unique and Lesser Known Details in GTA 4

GTA 4 is one of the best releases in Rockstar Games’ long-running franchise. Its more serious tone and gameplay are applauded by fans around the world. The game is filled with a plethora of unique features that make it truly one of a kind.

However, players may have missed the smallest details that deserve special attention. With rumors of the upcoming GTA 4 Remastered Edition, let’s take a look at five unique items found in the game.

The Top Five Unique Details Present In GTA 4 That Players Might Have Missed

5) Traffic stops

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At number five is the inclusion of random traffic stops by cops in GTA 4. Traffic stops mean the detention of a driver and investigation of a possible violation of the law or crime.

In the game, players can see in-game cops shooting random NPC vehicles all over the map. Cops can also search their vehicles after stopping them. It is most commonly seen on the East Borough Bridge in Liberty City. Players can also find traffic cones, further enhancing the game’s immersion and realistic approach. Cops also usually perform a quick boot check inside the Booth tunnel.

4) Accidental injuries

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Next on the list are the different types of injuries that NPCs can sustain in GTA 4. They can be brutally killed or injured in car crashes throughout the game.

Some NPCs can die on the impact itself, while others can be seen opening the door and falling unconscious. Players can also see NPCs being incinerated in a car crash. These types of character animations and reactions make Grand Theft Auto 4 one of the most realistic games in the series.

3) LCPD Police Snipers

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At number three are the police snipers in GTA 4. The Liberty City Police Department (LCPD) has placed a sniper unit in the game. They are deployed when players reach a level of seek five stars and try to shoot players down at all costs.

Players often cannot see them due to their crazy height advantage. Each police sniper can neutralize their vehicle making it difficult for the vehicle to escape. They carry combat snipers as their primary weapon but can use pistols when unarmed. They can eliminate players in just two hits if they are not wearing protective gear.

2) Parking

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Next on the list is NPC parking use in GTA 4. Players can see NPCs stop their cars and get out.

They also use all available parking spaces throughout the game. Apart from parking spaces, they can be seen parking their vehicles at businesses, workplaces, or even in their homes.

Players may also see bikers dropping off passengers on the side of the road. Some wealthy NPCs even have their own open garage doors where they park their vehicles.

1) Easy money

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Finally, number one is the ability to earn money in GTA 4. Pedestrian NPCs can be found visiting ATMs in the game and withdrawing their money. If players time it correctly, they can eliminate the NPC at the right time and steal their money.

Compared to other average NPCs, these lose a lot of money to collect. Although the possibilities are limited, players can also rob other wealthy NPCs. They can also blast armored trucks with RPGs and then collect the cash strewn on the ground. It’s a fun way to get some quick cash when players aren’t on a mission.

Rockstar has done a great job of making GTA 4 a more realistic game than its predecessors, even GTA 5 on some level. Players can revisit Liberty City by picking up the game this week and relive the story of Nico Bellic and his cousin.

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