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The Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 Summer Update has arrived. The v21.30 update, as it is officially called, kicked off the summer in Battle Royale gaming. This season already had the Vibin’ theme and the summer content fits in perfectly.

This is a pretty big update, and introduced quite a few new items, skins, map changes and more. The leaks also came fast and furiously after the update. Here are 8 things Fortnite players should know about the update.

Fortnite Summer Update Additions Players Should Know

1) Skatepark

Good morning! Earlier today, Epic added a Work-In-Progress POI next to the Sanctuary. This POI will be used during the summer event which should happen in about 7 days! (Image of @FortTracker) https://t.co/uWAJ3Dh5G5

Epic is working on turning one of the floating areas in the water into a skate park, presumably so there’s a good place to use the leaked and teased skateboard vehicle. However, this area has undergone some changes but is not quite finished yet.

These additions weren’t in the game at the time of the update but should be added very soon now that the summer event has started.

2) Concert

Marshmello's gig was in Pleasant Park (Image via Marshmello on YouTube)
Marshmello’s gig was in Pleasant Park (Image via Marshmello on YouTube)

The update was also supposed to add a small floating concert stage in the ocean. This is most likely the home of a live concert. It seems small right now, but there’s good reason to believe that Fortnite will get an awesome gig for No Sweat Summer.

Marshmello tweeted about Fortnite, so that’s a strong possibility, but so are other artists like Juice WRLD or Billie Eilish.

3) Archiving

There is an underrated feature that was added in v21.30. Players will now be able to archive skins and other cosmetics. Lockers will no longer be cluttered with unwanted items. They won’t be deleted, but they will be moved out of the main locker for now.

4) Ice cream

New ice cream consumables added #Fortnite v21.30:- Standard- Chug- Freeze- Guzzle- Spicy https://t.co/wMhplQEzvi

The update introduced four new Fortnite consumables. There are now five different types of ice cream cones on the island, and they all do different things.

The Chug will grant health or shield. Freezing will add health and frozen feet and cause players to slide faster. Spicy will make them run faster and Guzzle will give them health, but no shield. Thanks to the official launch of the summer event, these should be live in-game.

5) Sydney

It’s unreal!!! She’s there ! I’m screaming crying, I can’t believe it! Guys, look at her, she’s so cute! Welcome to Syd @FortniteGame 😭🌸🌸🌸🌸💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔Thank you Epic Games team for this amazing opportunity

Syd is an upcoming skin that most people probably wouldn’t think twice about. However, it is one of the few cosmetics that have been designed by a member of the community. The design was first made in late 2021 and now it’s set to arrive very soon thanks to the summer update.

This is another leak that has yet to appear, but should be added in the next few days now that the update has officially arrived.

6) UFOs

Although the Cube Queen and Doctor Slone have been at least temporarily defeated and have left the island, the UFOs are about to return.

They’re not expected to become the hostile threat to the island this season, which means they’re likely back for a crazy week. The Wild Weeks haven’t started, but it looks like two of them will involve UFOs and Boogie Bombs.

7) Secret collaboration

Why I think “Ohana” will be for Fast and Furious or Spy x Family lol. #Fortnite https://t.co/nRJ9enUHqC

The fugitives discovered the Dragon Ball Z crossing. However, there is a potentially unknown crossover coming. It will have a custom Item Shop background, which is why Fortnite players believe it to be a crossover.

He is codenamed Ohana, which could be related to the infamous Family Guy crossover which may or may not come since ohana means family.

8) Collaboration of potential processors

A new mech-like vehicle is being developed codenamed “PlateHawk”. Players should be able to get into its seats, shoot, shoot, sprint, and emote from it. Imagine if it was for the Transformers collaboration? 👀 https://t.co/TobA0oIpJF

an official Transformers crossbreeding with skins would be a challenge since they aren’t human, but there could be another kind of crossbreeding to come. Epic is working on a new Fortnite vehicle like the mech but with more features.

The description really makes it sound like a Transformer. This is disclosed in the v21.30 update.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the opinions of the author. Also, most of them are based on game file-based leaks and have not yet been released or confirmed by Epic Games.

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