A first look at the GTA trilogy, GTA 6 rumors and a police surprise

While we feel like we’ve been saying it every week for the past few months, this week in GTA is exciting, all thanks to the GTA trilogy. This time around, it’s not just a rumor or official match, it’s a full-blown reveal that finally shows what kind of remaster we have to look forward to.

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Beyond that we have rumors about GTA 6 coming from Rockstar’s job postings, new content coming to GTA Online and a gameplay clip that will justify anyone who thinks the Los Santos Police do not respect. the rules. .

A screenshot showing CJ on a bike in front of flames in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - The Definitive Edition

Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – Definitive Edition launches next month

We finally get a good look at the GTA trilogy, and it’s absolutely fantastic. A huge explosion of information confirmed all the rumors we had heard over the past few months and revealed a good compromise between nostalgia and graphics improvements. More importantly, we now have a release date of November 11.

GTA Online 10_21

via Rockstar

Spooky Phantom Cars coming to GTA Online Halloween event

Don’t go thinking that the GTA Trilogy is the only GTA news we have this week. As Halloween approaches, ghost cars and UFO sightings hit Los Santos. Not only that, but superhuman “Slasher” NPCs have also been added to the game. You can now find all this spooky content in the free mode of GTA Online.

A screenshot showing Tommy Verceti outside the Oceanview Hotel in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City - The Definitive Edition

Grand Theft Auto Definitive Edition has higher specification recommendations than Red Dead Redemption 2

These action figure-worthy graphics have to come at a price, right? Thanks to the store listings, it was revealed that the GTA trilogy actually has higher spec recommendations than Red Dead Redemption 2. It’s unclear why, especially given how fantastic Red Dead Redemption 2 looks. but at least you can get by with a less powerful processor. How old are these games?

skyscraper gta 5

via Rockstar

Rockstar’s job listing hints at destructible skyscrapers and more for GTA 6

As exciting as all the GTA Trilogy news is, let’s look a little bit ahead. A new Rockstar job listing for a VFX artist might have given us a few more details about GTA 6, including the fact that it might have destructible skyscrapers. Among the details requested in the job listing is the ability to show rain dripping from buildings and bugs around the player, as well as all the destruction of skyscrapers. It’s starting to understand why we won’t be seeing this one for a while.


GTA Online gamer witnesses clown police car in action

If you’ve played GTA 5 – and haven’t – you’ll know that Los Santos Police don’t always play by the rules. Well, a Redditor, RakorGames, witnessed this firsthand and saw what can only be described as a police clown car. They posted a short clip on the GTA Online subreddit, showing them using a police car to reach their getaway vehicle. As soon as they get there, they get out of the police car and use it as a cover, before being killed by two policemen emerging from the car they had just used. I guess that solves this mystery.

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