A Halloween-themed boss could appear in Fortnite

Every year since its release, the developers of Fortnite have surprised us with a Halloween-themed event for players to feel those spooky vibes. These events usually feature amazing items, mini-bosses, and skins to boot. This year, popular “insider” HYPEX first leaked on Twitter in July that a slimy boss with lots of undead creatures would surprise us for Halloween. The trend continues today with another leak about this creepy boss.

The first thing we learn about the upcoming Halloween-themed boss is its codename: Freaky. Once defeated, he will drop a new Mythic Weapon and a Pumpkin Launcher that comes with two Rocket Ammo. It was also leaked that he could drop 2 stacks of ammo, 2 stacks of consumables, and 6 fireflies. The mythical weapon is believed to be new since it also bears his special codename, Freaky.

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We also learned that this creature will have the ability to summon minions and possibly raise the dead. It also hints at the idea that we might see new monsters with interesting abilities or zombie mechanics. Some fans have even speculated that we might see other famous characters appear during this event as undead variants of themselves. Since the bosses added this season have been really entertaining, we’re sure this Halloween boss will also bring a lot of interesting challenges to the world of Fortnite.

As Halloween draws closer and closer, we can expect more and more leaks. Either we’ll find out everything there is to know about the “Freaky” codename, or we’ll wait to see exactly what Epic Games has in store for us this October 31st. For more information on Fortnite’s next Halloween-themed event and boss, be sure to check back with us.