A strange right-wing developer hijacks the Minecraft project

The Minecraft project, PolyMC, was commandeered by one of the developers, kicking out all other developers and excluding them from the code. The only change so far removes rules from the project’s code of conduct that protects marginalized people, dubbed “recovering polymc from lefties.”

A bit of background: PolyMC is a platform that allows users to manage multiple Minecraft installations on a single computer, allowing a user to have vastly different Minecraft installations, modpacks and more at once.

The project had several developers working on it, until yesterday. The mass developer kicking out of the project mainly involved one developer removing permissions from other developers, reports GamingOnLinux (Thanks, PC Gamer!)

As both reports mention, no one knows what “left-wing queer ideology” sparked the hostile takeover, because again, the only change committed to the project was to remove rules prohibiting transphobic, homophobic and sexual abuse. racists. While the hijacking was originally thought to be the work of a hacker, it was later revealed to be the developer himself, who claims that “he doesn’t has ever said publicly that he ‘hated’ the basic protections given to marginalized people.

In May, this same developer argued that the protection clauses should be removed, calling them “unnecessary and repetitive”. The argument went nowhere, which probably led to the developer deciding to steal control from other developers to make it happen.

Since the hijack, the other developers have since formed a new group and are working on a new project, called PrismLauncher. PolyMC fans may also want to consider uninstalling the program – it’s unclear what kind of malicious code or weird ideologies will be incorporated into the program in the future.

In other gaming news, a Call of Duty player was banned from the recent Fortune’s Keep tournament because of a harassment video that strangely ended in a fake marriage proposal to another player. The next Call of Duty game, Modern Warfare 2, will also use the adversarial SMS Protect system that has blocked many Overwatch 2 players from playing the game, as it blocked players with prepaid phone plans.

Written by Junior Miyai on behalf of GLHF.