Alan Wake 2 has endless ways to improve the original

Alan Wake II, The highly anticipated sequel to Remedy’s iconic psychological horror game, was revealed at the 2021 Game Awards with a compelling cinematic trailer, and is sure to break new ground on the first game in a number of ways. The first glimpse of Alan wake 2 captured the gripping terror and narrative weight that made its predecessor a cult hit, starring the eponymous character in a new survival horror setting. Alan wake 2 will serve as a real follow-up to Alain Wake, and will give Remedy the unique opportunity to continue Alan wake story in a bold new direction.

The original Alain Wake, released in 2010, was a cult and critical success. Widely appreciated for its atmosphere, rhythm and captivating narrative, Alain To wake up has received numerous awards and distinctions, including Time best game award of 2010 by the magazine. Although it did not experience immediate commercial success (its release date competed with Red Dead Redemption), the game gained a cult following and was featured in other Remedy titles in the years following its release, ultimately leading to a full Alan wake remaster in 2021.


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Now, in 2021, Alan wake 2 is on its way, and a lot has changed in the world of video game development. Game developer Remedy has released six games since 2010. These include Quantum break, control, and Alan Wake remastered, a remastered version of the original Alan Wake. Each of these games brought something new and interesting to the table, and Alan wake 2 will likely continue the trend for the developer.

Alan Wake 2 will bring several graphics upgrades

Alan Wake gameplay remastered

With the benefit of time spent, Remedy will have a lot of work to do with it this time around. Video game technology has grown exponentially over the past decade. Bold new storytellers have grown in their craft over the past decade, and the universes shared between games create larger, more immersive experiences. Remedy also shared that Alan wake 2 will be a survival horror game, the studio’s first effort in the genre. It means that Alan wake 2 will be different from the original, which should allow Remedy to innovate and develop some of the less complete ideas and mechanics of the first game.

Alan wake was originally released in 2010, and video game graphics have advanced through new technologies, programs, and game engines in the 11 years since its release. Alan Wake remastered, released in October 2021, provided a glimpse into how new and improved graphics could bring the world of Bright Falls to life, and while there have been more detailed remasters in the past, it does provide a glimpse into how good the game is. Alan wake the sequel could watch. Watching a high definition 4K render of Alan wake shows how much the graphics have improved. Alan wake 2 Should benefit greatly from how emerging technology has changed immersive gaming experiences.

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Alan Wake remastered was well received at launch, with many seeing it as a successful revival of a cult classic. Looking forward to the release of Alan wake 2, comparisons can be made with Red Dead Redemption 2, arguably another successful cover of a cult classic. Red Dead Redemption 2 was the long awaited sequel to a classic and revered title, and enhanced character and environment design with stunning detail. Red Dead Redemption 2 is still one of the highest grossing media projects of all time, with 39 million units sold to date. Yes Red Dead Redemption and RDR2 is an example for Alan Wake 2, Remedy has a lot to gain from updating Alan Wake’s story today.

Alan Wake 2 may feature enhanced and complex storytelling

Alan Wake and Barry Wheeler pose in close-up for Alan Wake Remastered

The graphics and game mechanics of Alan wake May not have aged well, but one element of the original can’t be upset: the story of Alan Wake himself. The story, which took an elegant and episodic approach to storytelling, was what made Alan wake truly iconic. The dramatic, nightmarish narrative shone with new concepts and included a host of memorable characters. With a decade now having passed since the original’s release, Remedy may be experimenting with new ideas in Alan Wake’s universe.

Although it has received mixed reviews, Quantum break, which released in 2016, bolstered Remedy in its ability to create a complex, multi-arc narrative. After the events of a cataclysmic event, Jack Joyce and Paul Serene fight to mend or break time, respectively. Similar to Alan wake, Quantum break adopted an episodic narrative structure and was the first to incorporate a live-action TV series into the game itself. Although Quantum breakBuggy gameplay tends to distract from its sprawling time travel story, it still maintains that Remedy can be trusted to deliver a compelling and complex storytelling experience.

Alan wakeThe captivating and experimental approach to storytelling saw another spiritual revival in Remedy’s triumph Control. Remedy’s effort in 2019 saw Jesse Faden take over the Federal Bureau of Control and fight an extradimensional infection known as Hiss. ControlParanormal mystery, fractured environments, and unreliable storytellers made its dimension-hopping tale a must-play. In addition, the versatility of the story allowed a crossover with the events of Alan wake in the epic ADMIRATION DLC. ControlGameplay also featured a mix of live action recordings and digital renderings of characters, an interesting wrinkle in visual and narrative design. Yes Control is an example of how Remedy grew up as a storyteller, so Alan wake 2 should hopefully be even more convincing than the original.

Alan Wake 2 should connect to the control

alan wake control awe dlc

As mentioned earlier, Alan Wake plays a surprisingly important role in Control. Make small appearances in several Easter eggs inside first Controlthe main story of, the events of Alan wake will eventually take center stage in the ADMIRATION DLC. Control‘s Alan wake crossover DLC follows Jesse Faden as she pursues a distorted Dr. Hartman, the antagonist of Alan wake. She ultimately kills Dr. Hartman, and at the end of the DLC, she is informed that another AWE report has been discovered. This report, however, takes place in the future, several years from the current events of the game.

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This has massive implications for Alan Wake 2. Alan Wake’s presence in ADMIRATION could establish a link between Alan wake 2 and Control, in a more complex and involved story than the little Easter eggs like those in Alan Wake remastered. A Control The DLC would make sense, but it also wouldn’t be a stretch of the imagination to see Jesse Faden take an active role in the events of Alan wake 2 as a protagonist (or antagonist). Previous Remedy titles have taken big risks in story and gameplay; the two games sharing characters (and a mysterious future date) could mean something big is coming to Bright Falls.

Alan wake 2 is dripping with potential. The original game has stood the test of time and continues to be a highlight of Remedy’s library. If the game’s trailer released at the Game Awards this week is any indicator, then the sequel could also harness the potential of the first game and further enhance Remedy’s burgeoning video game universe.

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