All Minecraft (MCC) Pride Championships 2022 Teams

Noxcrew is bringing back non-canon MC Championship (MCC) events in June, hosting the second iteration of MCC Pride in partnership with The Trevor Project, a nonprofit focused on LGBTQ+ youth suicide prevention efforts.

Taking place on June 18, MCC Pride will spotlight new and returning players within the LGTBQIA+ community while raising funds in the Decision Dome.

Last June, Noxcrew hosted MCC Pride 2021 and helped raise over $300,000 for The Trevor Project, including a $100,000 donation from the event’s main sponsor, YouTube Gaming. It doesn’t look like YouTube is sponsoring this year’s iteration of the event, but the event is bigger now than it was last year, which should lead to that goal being shattered then that the teams face off in a somewhat normal event.

Although this is a “non-canon” MCC, meaning scores will not count towards overall player wins, totals, or the Hall of Fame, the format remains largely the same; 40 Minecraft creators will form 10 separate teams and compete in a range of mini-games. The only real difference will likely be the modified Decision Dome design for the event and more new players taking part in the festivities.

More details on MCC Pride 2022, including any additional prizes, partnerships, or competitor requirements information. This also means that squad rosters won’t be revealed until June 18, likely a week before the event.

Once we have information on the competing creators, we will update this article.