All save locations in Fortnite

We’ve put together this guide so that you can easily find all of this week’s challenge records. There are several things you will need to look for this week in Fortnitethe big island of Battle Royale. You may have already found all the necessary parenting books in Holly hatchery and Retail line but there is still more to collect. You will have to find records in Craggy Cliffs and Pleasant Park.

Much like the Parenting Books, there are a total of eight records scattered around these locations, but you’ll only have to collect two. You can decide which ones you’re going to get based on where you land and which record you’re closest to.

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You just need to collect two records. This can be done at any location, be it Pleasant Park, Craggy Cliffs, or a record at each POI. To collect them, it is enough to approach the records on the ground. Then, hold down the Take Recordings button. It only takes a second or two, but beware of your surroundings so you don’t get attacked by other players while you are doing this.

Steep cliff locations

fortnite location steep cliffs

The first location where you can collect records is at the top of the map. Steep cliffs is a small town by the sea. Due to its location at the edge of the map, it is not very popular when it comes to landing spots. Usually, players end up having to travel a lot to get into the safe zone, away from the storm. So, even though this is a city and this type of POI usually attracts players, it’s a pretty safe place to land with some decent loot.

If you do decide to go here to collect the records, be sure to keep the next Storm phase in mind and where it is going so you don’t lose the match due to the Storm loss. Here are the locations of all records for this POI:

all record locations in fortnite steep cliffs

They are quite scattered and in different buildings, so beware of your surroundings when trying to find them.

Pleasant park pitches

Pleasant park in Fortnite

Pleasant Park is one of the most popular places in the game. Not only because of the amount of loot in this POI, but also because it has been around for so long that players are particularly familiar with it. Being known as a hot drop is also what makes it so appealing to some players, those who like to get into building fights and avoid monotonous times or spending too much time without meeting someone.

Here are the locations of all the records hidden in Pleasant Park:

all record locations in a nice fortnite park

The records are all in different houses just like at Craggy Cliffs, however, as this is a fairly active landing spot, it is important to be well prepared before attempting to collect them. So make sure you get some decent shields and loot and materials before you head there. Otherwise, you might just be knocked out before you get there and you’ll have to try again.

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