All the major game companies that have abandoned NFTs

Game companies are eager to cash in on the NFT craze. But despite some of the biggest game publishers praising NFTs as the future of gaming, public backlash meant their plans didn’t last long.

CGC Games

CGC Games, the developer behind the HARLER franchise, announced that it will add NFTs to the next In the heart of Chernobyl Payment.

As part of its NFT plans, the company offered players the chance to be part of the game, saying, “To become a ‘metahuman,’ players will be able to bid for an NFT offering this price as part of a sale. auction taking place in January 2022. Anyone who “owns” the NFT to become an in-game NPC will be able to buy and sell it until a specific claim date after the auction.

The outcry from fans was swift and within a day GSC Games had to change their tune with a tweet backing down from their NFT plans.


EA Games release some of the biggest titles in the world, like Apex Legends and the Battlefield franchise, and had big plans for NFTs.

Just three months ago, during the company’s earnings call, EA CEO Andrew Wilson backed NFTs, saying, “I think it’s [NFTs] will play an important role in the future of our industry. He went on to say, “Digital collectible content is going to play a significant role in our future.”

In the latest earnings call, Wilson took an entirely different view on the matter, saying NFTs were “not something we oppose.”


Team17 is an independent publisher best known for its Toward franchise. The company announced its NFT plans, saying it would “give fans the chance to own a unique piece of video game memorabilia” in the form of verse-based art. He even went further and pledged to donate a percentage of the proceeds to sustainable development initiatives.

As they say, plans change and within 24 hours Team17 was forced to change its stance due to intense backlash from its own developers like ghost town games and Aggressiveness Crab, who were unaware of the decision. With such severe opposition to its NFT plans, Team released a Tweeter return to its initial position and cancel its plans.


In 2021, Sega announced its entry into the NFT world with a Tweeter saying it would “start selling NFT digital content that uses blockchain technology around summer 2021”.

Fast forward a few months, and Sega CEO Haruki Satomi had a different take on NFTs. “We have to carefully evaluate many things such as how we can mitigate the negatives, how far we can introduce this into Japanese regulations, what will be accepted and what will not be accepted by users,” said Satomi in a statement. management meeting.

“We’ll be looking into this further if it leads to our ‘Creating Constantly, Captivating Forever’ mission, but if this is seen as just making money, I’d like to make the decision not to continue,” added the CEO of SEGA.

Whether or not he believes what he says is up for debate. Sega again filed two Sega NFT trademarks and their respective logos with the Japanese patent office after making the comments, and there could be another twist to the story.

NFTs are uncharted territory for game companies, and the space they occupy is still a gray area with proponents and detractors on both sides. While the negativity surrounding them has forced these companies to put their plans on hold, other heavy hitters like Konami, Ubisoft, and Square Enix are moving forward with their NFT plans regardless of what anyone thinks.