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Roblox (NYSE: RBLX) has experienced extraordinary growth providing a virtual space known as “metavers” for tweens that is both a playground and a social meeting place. The stock is down more than 20% from its early June highs when the video game platform company reported seemingly strong operating results for May. But its strategy to deliver exclusive content to increase engagement is on track as it recently announced a new virtual hangout based on by netflix (NASDAQ: NFLX) hit series Stranger Things.

Brands love Roblox

43 million daily active and growing users have great appeal to brands and this is where the opportunity for long-term growth lies.

Brands note that Roblox’s user base has grown dramatically in two years Roblox is like an ’80s digital local mall where teens hang out.

The latest collaboration with Netflix confirms its development as an entertainment platform. In her latest earnings report, she announced several brand partnerships, including Kering Gucci de SA (OTC: PPRUY), the first luxury brand to create virtual items for Roblox. Stella McCartney, owned by LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton SE (OTC: LVMUY) is another luxury brand whose creators create virtual merchandise based on real-world fashion. Roblox uses these branded experiences to increase the number of hours spent on the platform. It is a precursor to increasing revenue from the sale of its virtual currency, Robux, which users need to unlock new experiences on the platform.

The figures

In the first quarter, average bookings per user increased 46% year-on-year to $ 15.48. In May alone, Roblox increased its Daily Active Users (DAU) by 28% from last year, reaching 43 million. At the same time, the company’s revenue increased 125% year-on-year to $ 150 million. These numbers are just extraordinary, but not as high as the 138% per year revenue growth and 37% growth in DAU the company witnessed in April. In addition, the DAU fell by 300,000 from April to May.

The secret to Roblox’s success is traditional: it delivered the right service to a niche market at the right time. He provided a platform for games primarily for children when coronavirus closures closed schools, speaking of perfect timing. In 2020 alone, it added 5 million content creators and 50 million monthly active users. Its games platform hosts the most popular games with children aged 5 to 12, which represent nearly 40% of its SAD.

Trend reversal is fast approaching

The positive momentum will soon reverse as children in the United States and Canada return to school, as these are two of the main sources of income. Overall speaking and outside of this age bracket, it is only the 66th most popular and 55th best known video game in the United States. What’s more, 46% of people of all ages in the United States have never even heard of it.

An unexpected drawback

June 10e, the National Music Publishers’ Association, representing several music publishers, has announced that it will sue Roblox for $ 200 million for alleged copyright infringement. Roblox has a library of digital offerings including 3D models, skins, icons, and audio, uploaded by users and developers for community use. The audio part includes many copyrighted but unlicensed songs which are popular for the purpose of enhancing the gaming experience.

Its advantages

To explain what Roblox does in layman’s terms is to enable people with no coding experience to make video games on a simple platform. Creators can share their games with other users and promote them on streaming platforms like from amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) Twitch, while also being able to monetize them with in-game features or cosmetic upgrades for avatars. In order to pay the creators, the players buy Robux. Creators can convert currency to US dollars at a set exchange rate.

This self-sustaining cycle sets Roblox apart from other professional game development engines like Unity Software Inc (NYSE: U). It actually shares some qualities with Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ: MSFT) Minecraft.

Roblox has a highly scalable business model, rapidly increasing revenue and profit, and reinvesting cash flow in R&D, prioritizing rewarding its developers over profitability. It has impressed investors with its unique business model, robust growth rates, and lack of serious competitors. In addition, it believes it can continue to grow by gaining more foreign users. One of the most promising markets is China, where it has partnered with Tencent Holdings Limited (OTC: TCEHY), the world’s largest video game publisher.


While Roblox will face tough year-on-year growth comparisons this year due to record engagement during the pandemic. The revealing figure for engagement will be spend per user. Robox is investing in the right things to motivate content developers to keep investing their time to create experiences on the platform, which Roblox needs to grow.

However, his overwhelming reliance on interpolated users is also a risk as he must constantly fine-tune his security measures to protect them from online predators and be constantly on his toes as these players age and eventually move on. ‘other games.

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