Answer #244 of today’s word of the day ‘Wordle’: February 18, 2022

Here’s the answer and some clues for today’s Wordle 244, posted February 18, 2022.

Wordle is a very popular word game that was recently purchased by the New York Times newspaper which added to its existing game collection. With the Wordle game crossover moving from the Power Language website to the newspaper, some players found that their stats had been wiped, but there was an easy solution to restore the data to the new site.

The New York Times also said that certain five-letter words have been removed from the future Wordle list, as they want the game to be accessible to more players. That being said, many players believe Wordle words have gotten harder since paper took over.

Wordle at The New York Times website

Wordle tips today

Here are the tips we have for our readers today for Wordle 244. Be sure to scroll slowly to avoid seeing the answer if you don’t want it revealed to you right away.

Clue 1: Contains the letter g
Hint 2: It starts with the letter D
Clue 3: There are two vowels in this word, not placed together.
Clue 4: The word means to avoid.

What is the Wordle 244 answer today? (February 18, 2022)

This is how I arrived at Wordle 244’s answer today. I first started with the word ‘DREAM’ and it showed me that the word started with a D and had an E in it, but it was not in the third position of the word. I then guessed the word ‘DECKS’ which gave me no further information other than knowing that the E wasn’t in second place either. I then made another guess, which turned out to be the answer to Wordle 244 which is..


Wordle 244 Reply
Wordle 244 answer

I think it was more luck that I managed to get Wordle’s answer in three today, but I’ll accept it! Congratulations if you guessed the Wordle correctly today!