Apple Begins Epic Games Fortnite Appeal, Calls for Time on Court-Ordered App Store Changes

Apple largely won its battle against the maker of Fortnite Epic Games in a September decision.

James Martin / CNET

Apple on Friday began appealing a ruling by U.S. District Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers in its legal battle with the maker of Fortnite Epic Games.

The two companies were quarrel since last year on the functioning of the App Store for iPhone and iPad, which led to a lawsuit in which Rogers ruled largely in favor of Apple. It did, however, make a ruling that Apple should allow app developers to add buttons, links, and other information to alternative payment options in their apps, potentially bypassing Apple’s built-in payment systems and fees of up to 30% charged by the tech giant. Apple said in its filing on Friday that the move could harm itself and its customers, and requested that Apple be allowed to continue operating as usual during the appeal.

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Delaying the judge’s ruling coming into effect, Apple said in its case, would allow Apple to “protect consumers and protect its platform while the company resolves complex legal, technological and economic issues and rapid development “.

Apple in September called the judge’s decision a “huge victory”. Epic declined to comment.

Apple’s filing marks the latest twist in its ongoing legal battle over its iPhone and iPad App Store. Apple only allows downloading of apps for iPhone and iPad through its App Store, which initially launched in 2008. Epic, which makes the best-selling online fighting game Fortnite, sued Apple last year, claiming control over the App Store, and its rules. this include some in-app purchases on their devices, violate antitrust laws.

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Rogers, in its ruling last month, said Epic had failed to make its case, but it also criticized Apple’s business practices. “Common threads run through Apple’s practices that unreasonably restrict competition and harm consumers,” she writes. in a 185-page decision in September. Epic has since also appealed the judge’s decision. During this time, Apple did not allow Fortnite to return to its App Store, apparently because Epic violated its development policies.

Apple has requested a hearing on November 16 to discuss its delay request. Epic, meanwhile, is expected to start arguing for his appeal in December.

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