BBG Calc Says “Losing Your Dog” Is No Reason To Stop Playing

The competitive Fortnite scene is no stranger to controversy. From gamers banned for toxic behavior to rampant homophobia, problems continue to crop up on a daily basis. Every two days, a new situation is waiting to explode on social networks.

A few hours ago, competitive Fortnite player Reducss shared some bad news on Twitter. The family dog ​​had to be shot. As a result, he would miss the FNCS sleeves for which he gritted his teeth.

Put my dog ​​down at 5:30 am, lose my dog ​​that I have had all my life and I am missing heat, which I have hard for ggs go next: /

At times like these, sanity and loss management are more important than competition. However, according to Jonathan Weber, aka BBG Calc, the loss of Reducss was no reason to miss the FNCS rounds.

Competitive Fortnite player angered community with shocking statement

Rather than offering condolences, BBG Calc’s first thought was competition. Although his answer has since been deleted, esports commentator Jake Lucky captured a screenshot.

Fortnite’s latest drama is a pro missing the FNCS rounds because unfortunately his dog has passed away, and the pros are wondering if that’s an excuse enough to miss… some things never change

The tweet has since sparked a major backlash from the Fortnite community. With dozens of users addressing a community member’s lack of empathy. Jack “CouRage” Dunlop, part owner of 100 Thieves, added his two cents, saying:

“I’ve blocked Calc for years at this point. I know he’s young but he has some of the worst tweets from any gaming community I’ve seen. It’s a shame. He’s obviously very talented. When he’s old he’ll remember life and regret that edgy tweets and a crappy sense of humor kept him from making a lot more money and being part of better organizations. “

Despite the backlash, a few people shared Calc’s view on the matter. Since the cash pool is a generous amount, a player who withdraws would result in the disqualification of the team, which would represent a considerable loss and could affect their career.

@JakeSucky to waste a chance to make 45,000 witches which you don’t know how could affect them enormously for the 2 other teammates with whom you agreed to play and who wasted their time and effort, that’s a valid answer, you don’t can’t see where it’s coming from you guys are all overreacting CHIL

Empathy seems to be lacking in the Fortnite community

It appears that this tweet was not an isolated incident. Last year, after Chadwick Boseman went missing, Calc tweeted a sarcastic remark. Although it was quickly forgotten, users once again took the skeleton out of the closet.

His latest statement came as a shock given that he spoke out against homophobia within the Fortnite community earlier this month. According to many, these are not isolated incidents. While competence is a determining factor on the path to success, losing cookie points on social media will hamper a potential career in esports in the long run.

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