Best Fortnite Edition Course Codes (June 2022)

Fortnite is a tough game to stay ahead of, with players all vying for the top spot every game.

For players looking to get better at building, there are creative cards that can help them get used to creating structures and modifying them on the fly.

Here are some of the best editing courses in Fortniteis the creative mode.

Better Fortnite change course codes (June 2022)

Warm up | Objectives, modifications, constructions

IIsland code: 3925-1383-1933

In this training map, there are a number of different courses and modes that test the player’s skills. There are different paths for parkour, aiming practice and editing. Editing courses vary in difficulty and also offer vertical and horizontal editing practice. There are enemy robots hidden between the walls, so choose a gun and modify it to your liking.

10 in 1 modification course

Image via Candook in Fortnite

Island code: 3682-8686-2819

This training course is made up of distinct modes that can help players improve in different parts of the game. Players can choose their favorite weapon and then drop down into any mode they want. Although there is only one objective course available, there are nine edit courses of varying difficulty.

Ultimate Star Editing Course

A girl with pink and green hair runs in front of a rainbow
Image via Starlighthay in Fortnite

Island code: 1356-0099-8570

This editing course is the longest on the list so far, with hundreds of walls for the player to traverse. The map also times the player from the moment they enter the course, encouraging players to get a better time with each new attempt. If players want to restart at any time, they have a remote that allows them to do so.

Flea Edit Dictionary

Various square structures with built roofs in Fortnite Creative
Image via Flea in Fortnite

Island code: 7301-0487-6832

This Creative mode map allows players to practice on a variety of pre-made structures, whether towers or tunnels. There are a variety of options for the player to train on, with each structure being long enough to train a lot. With the different types of buildings and range of difficulty, the player has plenty of opportunities to practice their skills.

Jordystorm Edit Course

Island code: 4240-3520-4824

The Jordystorm Editing Course is a standard editing course that offers players different structures to edit. While other courses have left players to choose which structures to tackle, this editing course mixes them up to provide the player with more challenges. Inspired by YouTuber Jordystorm, this map encourages players to go as fast as they can.