Best Squid Game Card Codes in Fortnite (March 2022)

by Netflix squid game was the biggest hit show of 2021 where everyone watched it and remade the series games in virtual locations and games like fortnite and Roblox. Many fans have recreated every game or just some of them in Fortnite Creative. If you want to see if you can survive the squid game without losing your life, here are the best squid game map codes from march to Fortnite.

Fortnite Best Squid Game Card Codes (March 2022)

There is a lot of squid game maps that you can find and access in Fortnite Creative, such as The Glass Bridge game (with this code: 2865-1481-0812) or many other maps, but some of them are more immersive than others. In the following you will find some of the best fortnite squid game march map codes which are the best.

Fortnite Squid Game Codes

survival game

Code: 0652-7985-6622

The survival game is probably the best squid game card with every game in the series recreated in it. The rounds and downtime between them are quick, and if you lose you have the option to prepare for another match. This map is by far the most immersive squid game.

The crab game

First challenge code: 1898-3233-1949

Second challenge code: 4031-4880-1125

The Crab Game is a mixture of squid game and other crazy games you can challenge yourself and your friends with. Unlike the previous map, when you die in a minigame, you won’t necessarily be kicked out of the entire challenge. Crab Game cards are one of the most popular and fun cards you can play with your friends.

Fortnite Squid Game Codes

PWR Squad Game

Code: 1898-3233-1949

PWR is one of the best squid game maps with excellent recreation of each game and a fantastic player base. Therefore, you don’t have to wait long for a challenge to start. Squad Game is the best option if you don’t want to wait too long and get to the end.

Vysena’s Octo Game

Code: 1898-3233-1949

Vysena Octo Game is another card in Fortnite. You can play all squid game mini-games in it. It takes a little time to learn how to beat each mini-game, but that’s also part of its charm. The nearly exact recreation of every game has made this map so popular that sometimes you have to wait in queues to get into the game.

Fortnite Squid Game Codes

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