Best Striped Skunk Hunting Locations

These little critters can be smelly, but you’ll need to find them every now and then.

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The striped skunk dwells in sparse populations across the western American states of Red Dead Redemption 2. It might not be the most exciting hunt you’ve undertaken in RDR2, but it is probably the most stinky and may even gain a few remarks if you bring a carcass back to camp.

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However, like Bullfrogs, you’ll need a perfect striped skunk carcass to send to Mrs. L Hobbs in order to complete the “A Better World, A New Friend” animal art exhibit task. You’ll also have to brave the stench of these creatures every now and then if you plan to complete the daily challenges in Red Dead Online. There’s no point in procrastinating it, so ride your horse and maybe grab a clothespin for your nose, because arguing with those stink bombs is smelly work no matter how you go about it.

Striped skunk locations

Striped Skunk Locations in Red Dead Redemption 2 Online TheGamer Custom Map

New Austin

  • You won’t find skunks en masse throughout the entire American West, but certainly not in New Austin. That being said, Striped skunks have spread to the Gaptooth Ridge and Rio Bravo areas of the state. You won’t find them much north of Tumbleweed, but there are a few that meander up to the northern state border and around the Forks from instead.

  • At Hennigan’s Stead in the eastern part of the state, striped skunks can sometimes be found around the cow pens at the western end of the MacFarlane’s ranch goods.

  • There is also a small population that stays near the water around Stillwater Creek, Thieve’s Landing and the Island between there and Quaker’s Cove.

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Elisabeth West

  • Continuing in this direction, a more condensed population of striped skunks inhabit the land southwest of Blackwater.

  • Striped skunks are more common in the Big trees region west of the state. You can find them meandering up and down through this wooded area, following the Lower Montana River to the Aurora Basin and crossing the border into the Great Plains.

  • This widespread habitat continues into the Great Valley region, beyond the Upper Montana River, from Owanjila to the Dakota River, and up to the northern part of the state. However, they are unlikely to attempt a hike on Mount Shann.


  • Cumberland Forest is the best place to hunt skunks in Ambardino. You will find them anywhere within the shaded limits of the woods.
  • Cattail pond, across the river west of Valentine, is the striped skunk’s favorite watering hole.
  • They are known to brawl along the Dakota River for a path to the northeast as well.

  • Although not as abundant, you can also find a small population of skunks to the north on the other side of Isabelle Lake.

  • You could try your luck at the western end of the Calumet Ravine or slightly south of the east side of Donner Falls.

  • Passing through the Grizzly bears East on the way to New Hanover you can stop to check out a few other minor habitats.

    • Striped skunks have been spotted along the railway line north of O’Creagh’s Run.

    • They can also be found on the northeastern shore of The O’Creagh Race.

    • Moonstone pond is also a popular watering hole for these stinking mammals.

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New Hanover

  • The Roanoke Ridge area in New Hanover is by far the best striped skunk hunting ground in RDR2. There is no reason to specify; you will undoubtedly find a few skunks just by traveling up and down in the eastern part of the state. This bustling skunk habitat stretches as far west as Emerald Ranch before dispersing to state borders.
  • The Southern Heartlands is another good area to explore. Skunks can be found across the fields, from the Lemoyne border, around Flatneck Station and around Caliban’s Seat. The population continues to expand in and around Valentine and along the Ambardino border.


  • The Scarlett Prairies in the western regions of Lemoyne is also littered with skunks. Again, you shouldn’t have a problem finding them just by walking through the area, although they seem prone to shorelines along Flat Iron Lake, Bolger Glade and Ring Neck Creek. However, they know enough to steer clear of the territories of Braidwaith Manor and Calliga Hall.

  • You may also find a low population of striped skunks in Bayou Nwa, especially west of Lakay and along the Kamassa river north of the Calliga room.

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