Bugha apologizes for Fortnite winding ahead of FNCS season 7

Bugha apologized to his fellow pros after attempting to ‘squeeze’ Reverse2K out of his Fortnite trio before the next FNCS, which caused a rift in other trios in the NAE region.

Fortnite FNCS has been at a standstill since the Season 6 Finals ended and the FNCS All-Star Showdown in late June. But, on July 14, there was a flurry of drama that entertained the community.

Three lines have now undergone roster changes that are sure to shake up the landscape of the East North American scene for the next competition, and some lines are likely to take a step back this season after the roster has moved.

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The latest trio divisions in NAE have created a loophole in many teams.

Bugha apologizes for the last snake in Fortnite

There have been some noticeable changes within the lines leading up to the next FNCS playoffs, and around those changes none other than Fortnite World Cup champion Kyle ‘Bugha’ Giersdorf.

Essentially, Bugha parted ways with Tim ‘Bizzle’ Miller and Cody ‘Clix’ Concord after their disappointing performance at the FNCS, where they failed to advance to the Grand Final. Bugha then contacted his former teammate Avery to possibly team up, but here is where things get tricky.

After a few practice matches with Avery, Bugha then decided to team up with double FNCS champions Deyy and Mero, who agreed to add him as third. This left Malachi ‘Reverse2K’ Greiner on the hunt for a new team since he was the odd one out after Bugha arrived.

inverse2k Reverse2K, who won the FNCS twice, must now scramble to form a team!

With Bugha now teaming up with these two players, it also means that Avery has been forced to return to his old line of Josef ‘Stretch’ Liepshutz and Rocco ‘Saf’ Morales. But that only created more drama since Stretch and Saf have already stated that they don’t want to play with Avery anymore.

Stretch, Saf and Avery are still listed as a trio for FNCS. Avery clarified that he did not intend to sign the form necessary to dissolve the trio. This left Stretch and Saf in the dust, unsure of what to do before the Season 7 FNCS, with Reverse2K since being knocked out of his old line by Bugha.

With a wide range of moves brought to light, Bugha has since apologized for the chaos his decisions have caused in the NAE region. But, we highly doubt that this will be the last roster change we will see before the next FNCS.

Drama isn’t hard to come by within the competitive Fortnite community, and this time around it has certainly delivered some of the most unanticipated roster moves we’ve seen in quite some time.

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