Casetoo BGMI ID, Stats, F/D Ratio, Monthly Earnings, etc. (March 2022)

The rise of BGMI in the Indian gaming market has been astounding and can be attributed to the joint efforts of content creators who are working tirelessly to create content from the game. This has encouraged many gamers to join the game.

Aditya “Casetoo” Sharma is among the content creators who have inspired gamers across the country, showing them that young creators too can make a living from gaming. Known for his funny commentary, tips and tricks videos, Casetoo has tried to entertain its audience through its daily videos.

Details of pro player BGMI and YouTuber Casetoo


Each Battlegrounds Mobile India player is given unique numbers that serve as their identity, distinguishing them from others. Casetoo’s BGMI ID is 5108853226.

Casetoo fans can search for him using his in-game name (IGN) and send him popularity to help him climb the popularity rankings. His in-game IGN is SellMON Bhai.

Seasonal statistics

Casetoo’s gameplay has impressed many critics and fans in the community. Although he didn’t play as many matches as the other seasons, he still managed to position himself in the Crown V tier in C2S4.

Clip showing Casetoo's stats in the current Cycle 2 Season 4 (Image via Krafton)
Clip showing Casetoo’s stats in the current Cycle 2 Season 4 (Image via Krafton)

Casetoo just played 57 the classic BR mode matches this season and has won “chicken dinners” in 22. Casetoo reached the Top 10 in 39 games, with his teammates. He managed a total of 107016.0 damage with average damage of 1877.5. Additionally, it maintained an astounding F/D ratio of 2:60 p.m. with 832 total finishes to his credit.

However, 38 most finishes and 4905 damage dealt in a single game remains his best performance of Round 2 of Season 4 so far.

Monthly earnings

Due to its awesome gameplay and fun content, Casetoo has become one of the most popular YouTubers in Battlegrounds Mobile India over the past few months. His main source of income comes from his main YouTube channel, which has over 2.72 million subscribers.

According to Social Blade, Casetoo has earned between $2,300 and $36,600 on his YouTube channel over the past 30 days.

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