Classic hack ‘n’ slash Dungeon Siege comes to The Sandbox, a Minecraft-esque metaverse

Dungeon Siege returns after a decade of silence – but as a metaverse.

The classic hack ‘n’ slash series, which last appeared as Dungeon Siege 3 developed by Obsidian in 2011, will be reintroduced as “interactive RPG experiences” in The Sandbox, a Minecraft metaverse platform which has recently attracted partnerships with major publishers.

A Dungeon Siege Land will be built on Square Enix’s “domain” in The Sandbox, where you can play through voxel-based RPG fare while “learning best practices for building Dungeon Siege adventures.” The latter will be supported by Dungeon Siege-themed characters and items for The Sandbox creation tools.

“Dungeon Siege has always been an inspiring adventure and entering The Sandbox metaverse to allow players to create their own personal adventures opens an exciting new chapter for the franchise,” said Hideaki Uehara, Head of Business Development at Square Enix. “We can’t wait to see Dungeon Siege come to life in The Sandbox, fueled by inspiration from RPG fans.”

If terms like “best practices” and “metaverse” have given you any clues, yes, The Sandbox is an NFT-based platform that many traditional partners hope to make money from. His website is full of associated names: Snoop Dogg, Adidas, The Smurfs, Avenged Sevenfold, Atari, Care Bears, The South China Morning Post. There’s nothing that would normally tie these brands together, but I guess there is with a metaverse: everything in one place, separate but connected.

The sandbox

(Image credit: The Sandbox)

The platform auctions “land” in thematic areas around properties like The Walking Dead, with the promise that you can truly own it via the blockchain, and are free to create whatever you want within its confines, in monetizing your kingdom if you wish. As with all things NFT, there seems to be as much interest in their business as the inherent value of the thing exchanged.

All that to say: there’s a whiff of fashionable investment about this project, but that doesn’t stop you from having fun with a hack ‘n’ slash revival within the walls of The Sandbox, if the Dungeon Siege experience turns out to be fun.

The original series was a Diablo-style adventure that showered you with loot – but by the time Obsidian got its hands on it, it had become a more story-driven and thoughtful adventure.

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