Cool The Last of Us 2 Fan Art Looks Like a Fortnite Loading Screen

A The Last of Us 2 fan creates a unique piece of artwork of Ellie, styled to resemble one of Fortnite’s character-driven loading screens.


Since its release, the last of us 2 fans have shared many stunning pieces of fan art. The final piece is particularly unique, as it sees Ellie from the last of us 2 drawn in a style resembling a fortnite loading screen.

If it remains to be seen whether a fortnite crossing with The last of us ever become a reality, it would probably include a loading screen of some sort if it did. Usually, whenever a crossover character is added, their bundle includes a special loading screen. This image features the character and a colorful art style, with loading screens released for everyone from rick and mortyis Rick to Spider-Man. If Ellie ever makes it to the game, a stunning piece of artwork by the lastslayer would be a perfect fit for the character’s loading screen.


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Ellie can be seen at the bottom of the lastslayer’s beautiful artwork, drawn in a unique yet detailed style. Her tattoo is clearly visible, as is her backpack and the blue overshirt she wears throughout much of the sequel’s story. Ellie can be seen holding her bow in one hand and an arrow in the other, with blood appearing to come out of the arrowhead and making the black and red border that outlines the stunning artwork. A red target can be seen above an enemy, with Ellie clearly lining up a kill.

With the red lines simulating movement and a striking color palette, this piece is unlike any Ellie art that has come before it. While some looking like comics the last of us 2 the art has been shared, it looks nothing like it, and neither have the many realistic pieces that have been uploaded. Not only did the post receive over 1,300 upvotes and many supportive comments, but fans were quick to point out the secret. Among us teammate inside the target symbol and make comparisons with other games.

It was Krounnyz who made the connection with fortnite, with the commenter tricked into believing the post was an official teaser that Ellie was coming to the battle royale title. Another Redditor named Bartman326 compared the piece to a Smash Bros. character reveal poster. A commenter named FauxMango requested a piece of Abby in the same style, and luckily the lastslayer is considering doing it. As such, fans of this art should keep an eye on their profile if they want a chance to see what their interpretation of Abby would look like.

With The Last Factions of Us in the works and with the HBO series moving closer to release, fans of the franchise will soon have plenty more content to enjoy. This way, talented artists will have more material to use when creating beautiful pieces like this.

the last of us 2 is now available on PS4.

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