Counter-Strike like Minecraft makes the coldest clutch ever

The clutch is one of the key elements of Counter-Strike’s competitive appeal. They can happen in more or less any scenario where a team is vastly outnumbered, but I would say the classic clutch, the purest of all clutches, is a 1 on 4 scenario around a site. time bombs. These are the moments when legends are born, when the best players in the world show why they are the best. And when everyone flashes, he gets a single hit.

Counter-Striker KlenKluke recorded a clutch moment and, for reasons, decided to modify it as if the game was played with Minecraft‘s HUD and in some ways its elements. To be clear, this isn’t a mod, it’s just a really cool video.

There is so much to admire here (as well as the sick purpose). The switch between the inventory icons at the bottom, the recreation of the Minecraft-style bomb timer, the little death text, and most importantly, the AK-47 firing arrows at the hapless counter-terrorists. The creator also did something awesome with the aspect ratio to make it look like the different elements fit together.

More than anything else though, the thing that took the least amount of work is this: Minecraft music is one of the most calming and relaxing melodies you can get. Lying atop a high-intensity moment like this, with the visual flourishes, he manages to turn a biting pouch into a sort of Zen experience. You can’t imagine CTs ever launching: Minecraft music tells you it would be wrong.

As mentioned, this is not a mod, and creator KlenKluke has no plans to make one (there is, however, a Counter-Strike Fall Guys mod that’s better than Fall Guys). The venerable shooter will be ten years old in 2022, but the game and the community around him remain huge and vital, with his status as the King of Competitive Shooters still unchanged. This video does raise some thought, however: a Minecraft music kit? Volvo please?

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