DC Skins set to return to Fortnite Item Shop according to leaks

The Fortnite Item Shop is the pinnacle of the crossover kingship that Epic Games’ mighty battle royale has become with collaborations with some of the biggest brands and IPs in the world.

With crossovers like Marvel’s Spider-Man, Captain America and Thor, Darth Vader and Obi-Wan Kenobi from Star Wars, and anime crossovers with Naruto and Dragon Ball, the Fortnite Item Shop and Battle Pass brings together a great variety of characters and it looks like various DC skins are on their way back to the showcase. Here’s what we know.

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LATEST – DC Skins Back In Fornite Item Shop Now!

As expected, the full DC cosmetics collection is back in the Item Shop with purchasable item sets for Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Harley Quinn and more available for the next ten days, which are set to release on Tuesday. July 26, 2022.

There are four Batman outfits available in total, with the classic comic book outfit and the Dark Knight outfits being a separately purchasable combo available for real money instead of VBucks.

DC Items Returning to Fortnite Item Shop

According to Fortnite Insider and leaker HYPEX, the Fortnite Item Shop should see a collection of skins based on DC superheroes return to the storefront after a long period of absence.

This announcement comes as a surprise to many fans, with many Warner Bros and Fortnite collaborations expected to come to an end as Player First Games’ Smash Bros-esc fighter Multiversus enters the scene, which also includes characters like Batman and Harley Quinn.

So when will players be able to get their hands on their favorite DC characters in the Fortnite Item Shop? Well, according to HYPEX, they’ll be back as soon as tonight with the skins due to arrive on Friday, July 15, 2022 and will likely be available for a short time before disappearing again, so be sure to grab them ASAP.