Desert monsters that could join camels

After being fully published for the first time in 2011, Minecraft has been around for over a decade now, and during that time there have been many updates that continue to expand the game. Over the past 11 years there have been 17 major updates for Minecraft, each of which added a slew of new blocks, items, mobs, and biomes. These updates tend to be released at least once a year, and although Minecraft‘s 1.20 will miss 2022, the wait seems worth it.


Just a few weeks ago, Mojang hosted their Minecraft Live event and revealed all of their upcoming plans. In the same way a gameplay reveal for Minecraft Legends, MinecraftThe upcoming 1.20 update was also showcased in quite a bit of detail. MinecraftUpdate 1.20 is set to introduce bamboo lumber, new panel and shelf blocks, and new crafting tool features. But by far the most exciting announcement was that Minecraft Update 1.20 will update the desert biome, adding new blocks and mobs to the environment, including camels. But Mojang shouldn’t stop there, there are plenty of other desert animals that would make great Minecraft freak.

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Other Desert Mobs That May Come to Minecraft 1.20

Whereas Minecraft1.20 update is about to add a new hostile mob to the game, being the Sniffer that fans voted for, it’s also about to add camels as a new type of passive mob. Essentially acting as another horse variant, the main function of these camels is to transport the player and their goods. However, unlike horses, camels will not be able to equip armor, but they do have their own unique set of perks. Players won’t need a saddle to ride camels, and they have a dash ability that allows the player to propel the camel forward 12 blocks which can also be used in the air.

Camels are a great addition to Minecraft, and they could also pave the way for other desert wildlife. Some of the desert’s most iconic wildlife are also quite dangerous, which would open the door to more aggressive enemy mobs. Snakes and scorpions are the most obvious additions, with rattlesnakes and hairy scorpions being specific real-world examples that Mojang could take inspiration from. Minecraft is no stranger to having scarier mobs, and snakes and scorpions would certainly do the trick, being able to hide in tall grass and leap at the player for a light jump. Coyotes would also work very well as aggressive mobs, although they function a bit too similarly to wolves.

On the friendlier side of things, Minecraft also has plenty of non-threatening desert animals to draw inspiration from. Meerkats are one of the cutest options, able to burrow into the ground and peek out with their cute little pixelated eyes. Giant tortoises would also be a cute, slow-moving addition. Minecraftrefreshed desert biome. Dung beetles could also work well, with players able to watch them calmly rolling their ball down the dune.

Added new fauna to MinecraftThe desert biome of could also pave the way for new gameplay mechanics. For example, many desert snakes and scorpions are poisonous, so players could be forced to craft an antidote from their surroundings if bitten. New animals could also pave the way for new material types, with turtle shells, snake skins, and meerkat skins all being possible new material ideas, albeit a little dark. This would also naturally lead to more types of cooking ingredients, which could then be used to create new recipes.

Minecraft is now available for Mobile, PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One.

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