Despite Rumors, Red Dead Redemption Remake Must Happen

Rumors have started circulating that Rockstar Games may have quietly shelved a remake of Red Dead Redemption which he was working on. This is apparently due to the studio wanting everyone on deck to Grand Automatic Flight 6 and the bad reception of Grand Theft Auto: The Definitive Edition Trilogy. At the time these rumors surfaced, Rockstar announced that they had no major new updates planned for red dead online. This means that fans of Red Dead Redemption the franchise has nothing to look forward to, and the studio has focused on Grand Automatic Flight 6.


Whereas Grand Automatic Flight 6 can be a great game when it comes out, the possible cancellation of a Red Dead Redemption remake isn’t fair to the franchise’s many fans. Both Red Dead Redemption the games were groundbreaking and they attracted a large fan base that has nothing left. All they can do is replay the story modes of both games, or play in an online mode that won’t get new content anymore. On top of that, the first game in the series came out 12 years ago and was just waiting for the remake treatment, which Rockstar has to deliver.

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Red Dead Redemption is dated compared to its prequel

Red Dead Redemption was released in 2010 to huge critical acclaim. It was the first time players were introduced to John Marston and the Dutch Van der Linde Gang, and it’s still considered one of the best Wild West games ever made. The world Rockstar built was beautiful, the story was heartbreaking, and the gameplay was engaging. Players fell in love with the colorful cast of characters and spent hours living out their Wild West dreams.

Eight years later, Rockstar has finally delivered a sequel to the award-winning title. However, the studio opted to create a prequel to the game instead of continuing where the last one left off. Players were put in the shoes of Arthur Morgan during the fall of the Dutch Van der Linde gang, and players immediately fell in love. The world Rockstar built for the prequel was even bigger than the first game, and it got even closer to feeling like a real-life version of the old west. The game world felt alive and inhabited, the story was even wilder, and the characters were all realistic. While the first game offered players a beautiful world to explore, the prequel took things to the next level and gave players a world that felt like it was straight out of a western.

The evolution of Red Dead Redemption The franchise is awesome for gamers, and they can only dream of the realism of the third entry. However, the huge differences in mechanics and graphics make the transition between the prequel and the original kind of jerks. If players want to play the games in chronological order, they must start in the most recent Red Dead Redemption 2 before going to the sometimes dated feeling Red Dead Redemption. The older feel of the first game may put off some players who want to experience its story, and a remake could have solved that problem. Giving it the same paint job as the second game could have made the transition much less shocking and opened up the game to a much wider audience.

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Some remake work has already been done

Redo the first Red Dead Redemption in the style of the second would be a lot of work, but some of that work has already been done. Red Dead Redemption 2 gave players a much larger game world to explore that encompasses newer parts of the country with familiar parts. The majority of the story took place in the new states of New Hanover, Ambarino, and Lemoyne. If players wanted, they could also take a trip to towns from the first game. Rockstar has rebuilt the first game’s map into the second game’s world, but with a few changes.

Rockstar Games has also created a playable model of John Marston on the inside Red Dead Redemption 2. After players complete the story of the second game, they take control of Marston for the epilogue chapter. They must build the ranch where Marston’s family lives for Red Dead Redemption, and attempt to put the criminal lifestyle behind them. This means that the studio has already done most of the game world and the playable character.

While this would still require significant work from Rockstar Games, some groundwork has already been laid. The studio should still make cities look like they used to in Red Dead Redemption, add Nuevo Paraiso and recreate history. The studio could use many of the assets found in Red Dead Redemption 2and the remake could be completed in a much shorter time.

Red Dead deserves to shine

Red Dead Redemption was a great game then, and it still is. Recently it has become overshadowed by its predecessor, and it shouldn’t be. Red Dead Redemption 2 took the franchise to the next level and brought in a lot more players, but the former deserves credit as well. It may be dated, but it started on Red Dead Redemption story and delivered its own heartbreaking Wild West story. John Marston’s story deserves to be seen by gamers, and a remake could have done just that.

Rockstar Games donated Grand Theft Auto fans so much content to explore, and he has to do the same with red death Fans. Auto grand theft 5 has been reissued several times and has been remastered. Now the future of Red Dead Redemption has apparently been put on hold so Rockstar can make a brand new Grand Theft Auto Game. This is great news for Grand Theft Auto players, but there’s no reason why red death nor can players have anything to look forward to. A full third entry may be out of the question, but a remake of the first game shouldn’t be.

Red Dead Redemption came out 12 years ago, and it needs a facelift. Not only would that help bring it in line with its prequel, but it would also give red death fans something to look forward to like red dead online stop receiving new content. A remake of the first game could be a lot of fun, and Rockstar shouldn’t shelve it in favor of Grand Automatic Flight 6.

Red Dead Redemption is now available for PS3 and Xbox 360.

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