District 9 Director lists GTA, DOOM and Myst as creative inspirations

Now that he’s working with Gunzilla Games, director Neill Blomkamp talks about the games he loves to play and that inspire his work.

It may be surprising that a filmmaker draws inspiration from video games, but District 9 director Neill Blomkamp is working on a multiplayer game and lists games like Grand Theft Auto, LOSS, Half Life 2, and Myst as influences for its distinct 3D aesthetic. Blomkamp also directed Elysium and ChappiePopular, modern sci-fi films with social tendencies involved. He is currently on the verge of release Demonic, and it has recently been discussed that Ward 10 is on the horizon, the sequel to his first feature film.

Movies inspiring Game directors is a trend that seems easier to imagine. The esteemed game director Hideo Kojima listed the James bond films as a driving vision behind his creation of Solid metal gear franchise. To his credit, Neill Blomkamp had his hands on both industries for a while, even releasing short films on the Steam digital game showcase. His short film Halo: Landing is a strong example. With Blomkamp recently signed on as the visionary new director of Gunzilla Games, hearing about some of his favorite games seems more relevant than ever to getting a feel for his own upcoming game.

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In a recent interview with Screen Rant, Neill Blomkamp spoke about some of his favorite games, as well as those that influenced his interest in CGI and 3D animation. He shared that classic adventure games Myst and The 7th guest were special to him growing up, and that Battlefield is one of his favorite shooters for his realism. Blomkamp is also a big fan of Valve games, especially Half-Life 2: Deathmatch (a multiplayer mod of Half Life 2) and VR exclusivity Half-life: Alyx. Interestingly, two of the games he talks about being the most important to him are the LOSS Rockstar sandbox series and games like Grand Theft Auto V.

Interview with Neill Blomkamp Gunzilla Games

The contrast between all of these games paints a complex picture of the roots that Blomkamp comes from in terms of game and movie development. It’s clear that he enjoys the shooter, and the presence of militarism in his films seems to echo that. It also pairs well with working with Gunzilla to create a multiplayer shooter. His love of classic FPS series LOSS could be seen in connection with some of the visuals and themes of District 9 and his short film Rakka, where the forces of another world struggle to coexist with humanity. And the fact that he likes sandbox games like Rockstar’s GTA V and Red Dead Redemption talks about his expressed interest in complex computer simulations.

Hopefully this cross-pollination of ideas will lead to some great new headlines from Neill Blomkamp. And hopefully, it’s also an indicator of closer collaboration between the two industries in the years to come. See big names from movies like Guillermo del Toro and Norman Reedus in Death stranding, as well as more gaming IPs in movies and TV, as the recently announced Monster Hunter: Legends of the Guild, it is a tendency towards cooperation which will only grow.

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