Does Chop die in GTA 5 Online?

Franklin’s loyal canine companion, Chop, stayed by his side during Grand Theft Auto 5, but is he still around eight years after the game’s finale?

One of the most fascinating parts of Grand Theft Auto Online sometimes sees which characters from Grand Theft Auto 5 have been up to the eight years since the history of this game took place. There is a surprising amount of continuity involved in the game, and characters throughout the story are encountered by the protagonist online. Even characters as minor as Simeon, who only appeared at the beginning of GTA 5 as Franklin and Lamar’s shady boss, manage to get cameos.

The fate of a supporting character has got a lot of players talking, and that’s Lamar Chop’s dog. Chop’s role in the game was minimal unless the player had the smartphone app that allowed Franklin to train him, but since Chop is essentially the player’s pet, it was easy to get away from it all. attach to him. It’s easy to assume that Chop continued to be supported by Franklin and Lamar after the events of the main story, but many players must have wondered if Chop survived the time jump between the main story and GTA Online.


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It’s easy to see why we would be scared for Chop given the passage of time. Eight years have passed since the conclusion of the GTA 5 the intrigue of the trio and the reappearance of Franklin in GTA Online Updating the contract. Depending on how old Chop was when he first appeared, he might just be an old dog or downright frail at his current age. Anyway, Chop has aged since GTA 5, so he definitely wouldn’t be the same lively Rottweiler as before. Indeed, Chop has aged just like its owners, but over time GTA Online rolls, he’s still alive.

Chop has definitely aged, but he’s still here

GTA 5 Chop Dog

In the new cutscenes added in the update, Franklin admits that Chop isn’t as active as he used to be, as with most dogs reaching old age. However, players can still interact with Chop. He can no longer walk around or learn new tricks, but the player can still pet him when visiting Franklin. Even though Chop was never a major part of the original game, it’s still clear through subtle clues that he changed as he got older. Chop no longer runs after balls. He is slower, less energetic and more tired. Players who have seen their own pets grow old can surely understand.

During one scene, Chop walks around, looking sickly, before collapsing to the ground. Franklin and Lamar panic right away, fearing the same thing that had crossed the minds of many fans in the years leading up to the update. Lamar examines Chop and quickly realizes that the old dog does not succumb to age. He simply fell on some grass that Lamar had left lying around and got stoned by then. The scene ends with Franklin and Lamar having to carry Chop out of the room because the Rottweiler is too drunk to walk. It’s quite a dark comedy, but it makes sense. Even with Franklin’s newfound wealth in The Contract, losing a pet is a scary thing to think about.

In GTA 5, Chop has proven to be as enduring as the average protagonist of the series, able to come back from all manner of seemingly fatal damage. However, with Chop being a dog, it’s only natural for players to be more concerned with his safety than that of the heavily armed and very dangerous protagonist. Fortunately, despite all the dangers present in Grand Theft Auto Online, it’s good to know that Chop still leads a long and comfortable life.

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