Does GTA V have a Canon ending?

Players have a choice of how their journey ends in Grand Theft Auto V – but which option is closest to being canon?

Grand Theft Auto V is one of the most popular video games on the market and the biggest hit from Rockstar Games. Players always find joy in delving into the story of the three protagonists, Michael De Santa, Franklin Clinton and Trevor Phillips or wreaking havoc in GTA online. Nine years after its release, legions of fans are still playing the game.

Despite the main scenario of GTA V is coming to an end, no DLC story on the horizon, and confirmation that GTA VI is in development, there are still a few details that left players wondering to this day, the main drawback regarding which of the GTA VThe end of is the real one. Players have different options on how they want their GTA V journey to conclude, but only one of them is apparently canon.

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GTA 5 Trevor walks away from lighting a car on fire

At the end of the mission, “Lamar Down”, Steve Haines and Dave Norton corner Franklin, asking him to kill Trevor as he was a liability. Franklin rejects this and returns home. Once there, Franklin is visited by Devin Weston, who thinks it should be Michael he kills for messing up Devin’s business ventures.

This then leaves Franklin with three options. Kill Trevor, kill Michael or Deathwish. This last option sees the trio of protagonists team up to defeat all of their foes, such as Merryweather, Wei Cheng, Steve Haines, Stretch, and Devin Weston. While it’s never been confirmed by Rockstar which ending is canon, all clues seem to point to Deathwish being the official one.

rockstar threw GTA online with tips to help players come to that conclusion. Although Trevor appears early in GTA online, his contracts serve as a prequel to the game, leading him to reunite with Michael and meet Franklin. However, in the update, Smugglers Race, released in 2017, Ron confirms that Trevor is alive and well. Addressing the GTA online protagonist, Ron says that Trevor has “done all Vinewood” on him and is “too important to Ron now”, much to Ron’s dismay.

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Michael De Santa from GTA 5 loads a gun at night

During the Diamond Casino and Resort update, Tao Cheng alludes to being part of a shooting at Pacific Bluff Country Club, saying, “I almost got killed at this country club once. Never again.” For players who chose the Deathwish ending, Franklin is tasked with killing Wei Cheng, one of Trevor’s enemies, who happens to be at the country club with Tao in company. It’s the only one GTA V eventually including a country club. While Tao can be killed in the firefight, it’s obviously now canon due to his GTA online appearance.

The latest clue came in the recent December 2021 update, The contract. the GTA online The protagonist teams up with Franklin, who now owns F. Clinton and Partner, a celebrity solutions agency. One of the missions takes Franklin and the protagonist through a batch of films. This leads Franklin to say, “I know one of the producers here. I hope [he] I’m not at work today…”

During the events of GTA V, Michael makes it known that he wishes to work in the cinema. And that wish comes true for him when he is introduced to Solomon Richards, a film producer who owns Richards Majestic Productions in Backlot City. As far as players know, the only person who works in the movies that Franklin knows is Michael. Adding all the clues together, it seems impossible for any ending other than Deathwish to be canon. It’s the best case scenario for the three protagonists, finally allowing the trio to be able to separate and start living their new lives.

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