Dreams Quest IDO launches on Red Kite and GameFi, DuckStarter

Singapore, Oct 09, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Dreams Quest, a blockchain-based NFT gaming platform, announces the launch of its planned IDO campaign on Red Kite (Polka Foundry), GameFi and DuckStarter. The launch provides the opportunity to access the Dreams Quest ecosystem by purchasing $ DREAMS tokens. The ecosystem will be gradually unveiled with a variety of mini-games, until the launch scheduled for 2022.

The IDO campaign:

https://duckstarter.io/ – October 14, 2021

https://gamefi.org/ – October 15, 2021

https://redkite.polkafoundry.com/ – October 15, 2021

The mania for NFT has peaked right now and it has come a long way from the initial frenzy as several new use cases have emerged over time. Play to Earn (P2E) is currently one of the most popular forms of NFT projects because it combines the best of gaming with digital collectibles. In fact, in 2017 when NFTs were first created and used, in-game memorials and prizes were the first use cases for the non-fungible ecosystem, and Dreams Quest is only pushing the envelope. ecosystem further with its platform.

Dreams Quest aims to take the P2E ecosystem to the next level

Dreams Quest is an RPG card game to win that incorporates dynamic NFTs. Players are invited to explore Dream Realms and experience adventures by participating in quests, events, and tournaments. NFT game cards are dynamic and are affected by unknown factors such as weather, temperature and storms. At the end of each game, the attributes of the cards are written to the chain, storing the permanent history of card changes over time as well as how the cards have evolved or changed.

Players are given a free deck to start with and then given a variety of playstyle options to make the game even more engaging. These include completing quests, participating in battles or tournaments, or opening a store in the market to become a local trader. The goal is to create both an in-game economy and a variety of fun and interesting ways to win while playing. The main features of the platform include,

● Play to win – Dreams Quest incorporates several factors like revenue based on questing, rental of NFT cards, market, etc. that players can earn by participating in the game.
● Free to play – To create an inclusive and permission-free gateway for everyone to have a unique gaming experience at its best, DQ Metaverse is designed as a free game so that anyone can get started easily.
● Dynamic NFT – Dynamic NFTs (game cards) will be affected by unknown factors such as weather, temperature, storms etc. which will completely change the attributes of the cards. Changes made to the attributes of the card will be saved permanently and stored on the chain.
● On the chain – Dreams Quests uses Chainlink to import off-chain data that we can use in-game. For example, each card hit will have a unique random “key” that will allow that card or item to unlock other powers, abilities, chests or chests both in-game, but also in our discord channel.

The NFT blockchain platform combines the best of both worlds to deliver a unique user experience where they can earn valuable digital collectibles which can then be used for for-profit trading or sale. In the game there are a wide variety of things that players can do: forge, craft new items, participate in events and tournaments, fight other opponents. Tokens can be used in-game to upgrade and forge, but can also be earned through quests and battles they participate in.

After over a year of hard work, we are excited to finally bring this project to market and finally see our community come to life. Our goal is to build a democratized economy where everyone can win by playing while having the opportunity to explore the realms we dreamed of long ago. ”Paulii Good Co-Founder

About Dreams Quest:

Dreams Quest is a decentralized play-to-win RPG game using dynamic NFTs to create unknown factors that will affect the attributes of the characters in the game, and the post-game results will dynamically change the attributes of the NFT card and write them to the blockchain (the ethereal scribes) to display the game history for each card.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/DreamsQuestNFT

Discord: https://discord.gg/dreamsquest

Main site: www.dreams.quest

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Company name: Dreams Quest

Name of contact person: Ken Nizam

Official email: [email protected]

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