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From April 29 through March 2 at 6 p.m. ET, players can watch a concert to receive a limited-time spray and XP. However, as with most limited time events, it’s important to remember that if you fail to complete the Emicida quest within the time limit, you will have to do not get a second chance to unlock them.

This Fortnite Wiki guide will detail everything you need to know about the Emicida quest, including how to complete each stage and the dates and times each quest will unlock.


How to Complete the Emicida Quest

Need help completing the challenges of the Emicida Ops questline? Be sure to click on the links below to access…

  • First phase (April 29 to March 2)

How to Collect the Concert Coin

To collect the coin, you must select the SOUNDWAVE SERIES: EMICIDA mode. Next, you will need to be under the Playback tab in the main menu and press the CHANGE button. It’s at the bottom right of your screen.

After pressing the button, you will be taken to a menu. If it’s not the first mode at the top, scroll down to EPIC’S PICKS and find the SOUNDWAVE SERIES: EMICIDA.

Epic has a photosensitivity warning about the concert due to its flashing lights

Once at the concert, you will have to stay for the duration of the show, which lasts only 20 minutes. So make sure you are comfortable and enjoy the show.

As the show unfolds, you will be transported to different areas and will see small musical symbols scattered throughout the area. You will receive XP for each one you collect if you step on the musical symbols.

As the show goes on, you will be able to shoot with a paint gun, and on the walls there will be a bullseye target that you will hit. If you shoot the target, you will receive XP.


You’ll know the gig is over once you see another on-screen prompt letting you know it’s over.

All you have to do next is collect the coin. After doing this you can quit the game and unlock the spray.

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