Emma Watson is built in Minecraft

Minecraft has become quite a popular platform for artists to create and present extremely impressive designs. These come from simple structures, buildings designed after iconic structures of reality and fantasy, and even character portraits.

For the latter, a team of Minecrafters took on the extremely difficult and time-consuming challenge of creating popular actress Emma Watson in the world of Minecraft. Watson is best known for her portrayal of the young wizard Hermine Granger among other film appearances.

The creation must have taken a long time, but was shared with Reddit in a four-minute clip showcasing the planning and construction of this hugely impressive portrait.

To craft this survival build, the team had to muster a substantial amount of resources for the build. Here is a list of everything that is used.

  • 25 889 Netherrack
  • 4,085 Sand
  • 4000 Orange Carpets
  • 2 526 Pink Carpets
  • 1,259 black carpet,
  • 1020 brown carpet
  • 886 spruce slabs
  • 612 Red Carpet
  • 556 White Carpets
  • 421 oak slabs
  • Rug 117 Light Gray
  • 53 Gray Capet
  • 25 paved slabs.

With all the time and effort required, the complete product is a perfect representation of the source image and a testament to the talent of the team behind the build.

Whether you are a Harry potter fan, an Emma Watson fan, or just a Minecraft fan, this is definitely a build worth checking out.